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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
September 02, 2015
UAW Local 652

UAW Local 652 represents workers at Android Industries, the General Motors Cadillac Plant, JCIM, and Ryder.

Local 652 is located at 426 Clare St., Lansing, MI 48917

Phone (517)  372-7581

President Mike Green
May 04, 2015

Convention update
I believe our International Union is in good shape financially as we head into negotiations with the Big 3 this fall. I think the move to raise the dues structure has helped to make sure we’re financially fit to take on the fight if necessary to reach an agreement that best serves our membership.
We will all need to make sure we prepare ourselves both financially and mentally if we should have to strike to reach an agreement. Hopefully, that does not occur, but we must be prepared.
The UAW’s first contract was one page long, in which the UAW was recognized to be the representative of our members. And now our contract is 754 pages long, along with numerous supplement books that relate to our insurance coverages, wages, transfers, health and safety, seniority rights, return rights, etc. All these items have to be renegotiated come September 14.
Our top negotiating team led by Vice President Cindy Estrada has the job of bringing back a contract that is best for membership and their family—as I know they will. “No more tiers, enough is enough!” As chanted at the bargaining convention.
Local News
Our Shop Committee Chairman Ted Krumm and the rest of the bargaining committee have been very busy organizing all the local demands as submitted by our members. I know our chairman and his committee will work hard in the best interest of our members at 652.
This will be a very busy summer with both national and local negotiations starting up! Updated information will be at or and/or the Local 652 Facebook page.
April Clean-Up
I want to thank all those people who volunteered to come out to spruce up and clean up at the Local and at the Lansing Labor News.
Have a safe and fun-filled summer!

Vice President Randy Freeman
May 04, 2015

Ready for summer?
It’s that time of year again—it’s getting warm out, so get out of the house, go for a walk, ride a bike or go play a round of golf. But before you do any of that, make sure you warm up, loosen up, and stretch. A couple of great opportunities coming up are:
The Local 652 Veteran’s Com-mittee’s eighth annual veterans golf outing on June 20 at 8:00 a.m. Proceeds to disabled and homeless veterans.
The Local 652 Women’s Committee and Recreation Committee are sponsoring the eighth annual “Save the Girls” golf outing for Breast Cancer Awareness on August 1.
They will both be at Centennial Acres and they are both great causes to support.
Also, the 652 Recreation Committee is putting on a camping weekend with a fishing tournament, September 11-12. See the Local 652 Facebook page or for details and registration forms.

Financial Secretary Bob Smith
May 04, 2015

Wecome to the UAW
I’d like to welcome the members of our newest unit, General Motors Subsystems Manufacturing. They are housed in the new logistics center built just south of our Lansing Grand River General Assembly building. The employees of the unit are engaged in several production related service and support roles, e.g. kitting, sequencing and other subsystems work that may be negotiated. Welcome! It’s always nice to have fresh, new faces around the Union Hall. Remember, if you have questions or concerns, contact your area bargaining committee member or call the hall, 517-372-7581. We will be happy to help!
One of the nice things about having a new unit is the chance to educate a new generation AND to re-educate an old generation on the importance of Union Solidarity and the principles of collective bargaining. All members, young and old, should be aware of the changes in the political climate in Michigan. The recent adoption of Right to Work (for less) laws are designed to create divisions in the workplace, pitting one member against another, eroding and weakening the fabric of our collectively bargained contracts.
Our new brothers and sisters may not be aware of the sacrifices made by our predecessors, who fought and died for the things many of us take for granted. They were probably not born when unions won the right to an 8-hour workday or a 40-hour workweek. They weren’t around when we won paid vacations, holiday pay, overtime pay, weekends, lunch and rest breaks, seniority rights, pensions, health insurance, bereavement, workplace safety, and the many assorted leaves that we have. We need to understand and we need to make the new members understand that these things weren’t given to us by benevolent corporations from the goodness of their hearts, they were EARNED at the bargaining table and on the factory floors. 
AND let’s not forget the things our unions influenced, social structures and laws that we had a major role in bringing to fruition: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, OSHA, workers comp, child labor laws, unemployment insurance, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), equal pay, civil rights, whistleblower protections. I think you get the idea. We’ve been at the center of most of the progressive and successful undertakings of the last century! Imagine where our country would be today without unions and their influence.
Some people say that the modern worker no longer needs a union or collective bargaining. The rules and laws in place are all the protections needed. Don’t believe it for a second! We need them more than ever to defend against the attacks that are coming daily from so many different directions. The UAW has an old song that’s called “Solidarity Forever.” Kind of a corny old thing but it has a refrain that’s as close to the pure truth as you can get, “…and the Union Makes Us Strong!” It does. It really does.

Recording Secretary Scott Lounds
May 04, 2015

Unintended consequences
A few weeks ago I attended the 40th annual Labor and Employment Law institute in Plymouth, Michigan. In attendance were around 400 attorneys and human resource professionals. During this two-day event there were sessions on everything from the Family Medical Leave Act to Collective Bargaining tactics. The presenters were pretty much evenly split between attorneys who represent employees and unions and those who represent employers.
The difference in opinions and attitudes was striking; many employer-side attorneys are quite smug about the ways in which the Michigan Legislature has attacked Unions in attempts to weaken collective bargaining rights. Especially those working in the public sector, where there has been an all out war on public employees—from state workers to teachers, the public employees have lost an uncountable number of rights regarding bargaining and job security. These employees are especially vulnerable because they do not fall under the aegis of the National Labor Relations Act, but instead the Michigan Employee Relations Commission, which is controlled much more easily by the far-right Michigan legislature.
In many cases courts and the legislatures have turned a more and more hostile eye on workers and unions, largely at the behest of conservative donors and their minions in political office.
I don’t have to wonder what the rich donors and industrialists have to gain by the attack on good wages and benefits; clearly their goals are power over workers and greater profits and wealth for themselves.
I do, however, wonder what motivates the everyday person out there struggling to support their families and yet beats the drum for these anti-worker billionaires, helping to create the worst wealth disparity in this country in decades.
Why do people, including far too often our Union brothers and sisters, agree with the race to the bottom perpetrated on workers by the far right? I have no answer to that question. 
The capstone of the anti-union program from the Mackinaw Center and other conservative groups is the so-called “right-to-work” legislation. Interestingly, I attended a panel discussion on trends in collective bargaining that was led by both employer-side and union-side attorneys, and one trend that both sides agreed vehemently on is an unintended consequence of right-to-work. Unions are coming into negotiations with a much more militant and hard-line attitude.
In many industries and worksites the Unions have agreed to concessionary or stagnant wages to allow companies to get through the economic downturn of the last decade. Now Unions are doubly motivated to recoup wages for their members. And, as employer attorneys made clear, many unions are in a place where they can’t and won’t take no for an answer.
According to the panel leading this discussion, many worksite bargaining committees must now follow the lead of the most radical, most militant members of the bargaining unit in order to keep the most members possible paying their dues.
The bottom line is that for most employers, and their attorneys, life at the collective bargaining table has gotten a lot harder since the Republicans forced right-to-work on the citizens of this state, and to that I say, “Good!”
The fact that the same folks who contribute to and support the anti-union agenda of the Republicans are now battling the unintended consequences of this agenda is to me a delicious irony. Reap what you sow, my friends, reap what you sow.

Retiree Chair Mike Bauer
May 04, 2015

May 2015
The warmer spring weather has finally arrived along with our snowbirds. Welcome back everyone.
The following is our monthly schedule of events:
First Tuesday of the month is Bingo. Games start at 10:00 a.m. Participants bring your own snacks.
Third Tuesday of the month is our potluck dinner and business meeting. Bring your own table service and a dish to pass. Dinner starts at noon.
Fourth Tuesday of the month is cards starting at 10:00 a.m. Participants bring your own snacks.
May 26 cards is cancelled.
July 7 Bingo is cancelled.
August 18 potluck/business meeting is cancelled.
The Lansing Area luncheon will be held Thursday, August 13, at Royal Scot. Doors open at 11:00, luncheon begins at noon. Royal Scot is located at 4722 W. Grand River Ave., Lansing.
Wagon Master Jay Courser has supplied the Oldsmobile Outdoor Club camping schedule for the 2015 season.
May 8-10 Camp Michawana – Hastings, MI
June 12-14 Snow Lake Kampground – Fenwick, MI
July 10-12 Leisure Lake Campground – Sumner, MI
August 14-16 Lakeside Camp Park – Cedar Springs, MI
September 11-13 Rocky’s Campground – Albion, MI
October 9-11 Michigan Trap Shooting Association – Mason, MI
The camping outings are for all Outdoor Club members, not just retirees. For more information, contact Jay at 517-323-2331.
The Region 1D Travel Committee has two trips in October. Both are October 4-10, 2015. One is to New Orleans, the other is Pigeon Forge and Smoky Mountains Show. Contact Connie Dunn (517-323-2146) for more information and to make your reservation.
Condolences to all families who have had a loved one pass.
The following members and associates are in our thoughts and prayers: Robert Abernathy, Jewell Carrier, Joyce & Herb Fernholz, Hazel Hodges, Don & Helen Hogan, Dorothy Hoisington, Beverly Lofton, Roger & Alice Miller, Leonard Schneider, Bob & Lee Vergason, Mason Williams, Willa Wright, and any others we may have missed.
The Lansing Labor News is now online. You may access it at
The Food Bank could use our help. If possible, bring canned goods to donate when you attend retiree events. No expired food please.
Send your change of address to: Lansing Labor News, 210 Clare St., Lansing, MI 48917. Please include your current address and the old address when requesting the change.
If you have benefit questions, contact a benefit rep for answers. 517-372-7581 ext.500
You may contact me at the following email address:

Local 652 Obituaries
May 04, 2015

May 2015

Drew Arnold – Retiree
Rhea Ball – Sister of Mike Culpepper
William T. Bacon – Retiree
Richard Barrett – Retiree
Virginia Bauer – Mother of Mike Bauer, Mother-in-Law of Diane Bauer
Alan C. Bennett – Father of Robert Bennett
Alden Brewbaker – Retiree, Father-in-Law of Barb Dunn
J.D. Cantrell – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Bob and Shirley Abernathy
David Camarillo Sr. – Father of David Camarillo Jr, Grandfather of Dan, Ignacio and David Camarillo III
Earl J. Doolittle – Retiree, Father of James “Jim” and Kenneth “Ken” Doolittle, Father-in-Law of Tom Wagner
Larry Dorin – Retiree
George Clinton Downard – Retiree
Richard H. Feneis - Retiree
Louis Ortiz Figueras – Retiree, Father of Marcellus Figueras and Violet Hawkins
David Fitzpatrick – Retiree
John Garcia – Retiree
James Genson – Retiree, Spouse of Geraldine Genson
Sondra C. Grant – Retiree, Mother of Brian Grant
Donna M. Grass – Spouse of David Grass, Sister of Steve and David Peake
Robert “Bob” Guild Sr. – Father of
Robert Guild Jr.
Dale Harper – Member
David Hodges – Retiree
Jack Jameson – Retiree
Tommie Johnson – Spouse of Elma Johnson
Joleen Kay Krauss – Mother of Travis Krauss
Arturo Lerma – Retiree
Vera Martin – Mother of Terry and Michael Martin
Rosa Newton – Spouse of Dorsey Newton
David A. Norris – Son of James Norris
Janice Page – Mother of Tiberia James
Thomas G. Peek – Father of Thomas J. Peek
John Lee Robison – Retiree, Father of David Robison
Larry Schafer – Retiree
Francis Stallings – Retiree, Father of Rosemary Branson
Joe Stubblefield Sr. – Retiree
Bruce U’Ren – Retiree
Charles VanDerWoude – Retiree
Josephine H. Villa – Mother-in-Law of Dan Brown
Lawrence Warner – Retiree, Father of Lawrence Warner Jr.
Dorothea Zamora – Mother-in-Law of David Camarillo Jr, Grandmother of Dan, Ignacio and David Camarillo III
652 Thank Yous
The Virginia Bauer Family
The Max Butler Family
The Earl Doolittle Family
The Bob Lambka Family
The Eva Shumaker Family
The Charles VanDerWoude Family

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