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Established 1945
April 24, 2014
UAW Local 652

UAW Local 652 represents workers at Android Industries, the General Motors Cadillac Plant, JCIM, and Ryder.

Local 652 is located at 426 Clare St., Lansing, MI 48917

Phone (517)  372-7581

President Mike Green
Mar 27, 2014

Why we are involved in politics

I would like to congratulate all our members on the announcement of a new press plant to be built at our Grand River facility. The stand-alone plant will be built where our old press plant stood.
Mayor Virg Bernero and City Council members stated that they were ready and willing to make sure they would cooperate with GM to ensure the facility will be here.
So many times people ask why we get involved in politics. The answer is quite simple: none of us want to get Tennessee’d! We look at what happened at the VW plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where the vote of 712 to 626 defeated the UAW’s organizing drive to represent the VW workers. There was interference by U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, as documented in an article in the Huffington Post by Erik Schelzig and Tom Krisher.
Sen. Corker’s claim that a “no” vote would quickly mean more jobs fit in with an assertion Gov. Haslam  leveled days earlier, when he said a union win would hurt the state’s ability to attract auto suppliers and other future business.
In the same article UAW President Bob King said it was unprecedented for Corker and other elected officials to have “threatened the company with no incentives, threatened workers with a loss of product.”
“It’s outrageous,” King said in an article that appeared in the Detroit News on March 5. Two years ago, when the gates to the General Motors assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee reopened, it was a testament to what can be gained and who wins with sound collective bargaining and strong collaborative relationships.
The UAW’s 2011 collective bargaining agreement reopened the idled GM plant, since infused with new life to the tune of nearly 1,800 new jobs and the hefty $350 million product investment. Those jobs were in or headed to Mexico. Now they belong to workers in Tennessee.
Another article I would like to list is by Lydia DePillis in the Washington Post on February 12. It is an interview with Sen. Corker on why he can’t stand the UAW.
Let’s make sure we don’t get Tennessee’d! Please continue to support those candidates who support the working middle class, and be proud of the UAW, the union we belong to and count on to make sure our voice is heard.
Congratulations again to each and every member on the new press plant.

Vice President Randy Freeman
Mar 27, 2014

CPL class
There will be a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) class at Local 652 on June 22. The price will be $120. For more information, please call Ralph Ball at 517-582-1104. Note that Local 652 is located at 466 Clare Street in Lansing, zip code 48917.
I was at the Oldsmobile Outdoor Club’s Winterfest in Grayling in February and, as usual, thoroughly enjoyed it. There are always so many good people there and so much to do! Thanks to all who took part.
Please see page 5 for our Local 652 Nominations and Election notice.

Financial Secretary Bob Smith
Mar 27, 2014

The VW fiasco
An excerpt from an article by Laura Clawson:
“Their senator said publicly and repeatedly that if they voted against joining a union, their company would bring more jobs to the region.
A state senator said that if they voted for a union, their legislature would vote against funding for jobs expansion.
And the threats to Volkswagen workers apparently had their intended effect: The workers voted narrowly against joining the UAW in results just counted.
According to an emailed press release from the UAW:
At the end of voting on Friday, Volkswagen workers voted against joining the union in a vote of 712 to 626. [...]
“While we’re outraged by politicians and outside special interest groups interfering with the basic legal right of workers to form a union, we’re proud that these workers were brave and stood up to the tremendous pressure from outside,” said UAW Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Williams, who directs the union’s transnational program. “We hope this will start a larger discussion about workers’ right to organize.”
If all of your elected officials were saying that you choosing more power in the workplace and better wages and working conditions would mean fewer jobs, wouldn’t you think twice? Fear works for Republicans. They use it effectively.”
I had been searching for a way to discuss the Volkswagen union vote and was having some problems with getting my feelings to come through on paper when I read the above couple of paragraphs.
Ms. Clawson, in a few short sentences, hit the bullseye on why the vote at the Chattanooga VW plant bothered me so much.
The workers at VW should have been allowed to make a personal decision in this matter. Instead they were browbeaten and threatened, BY THEIR OWN ELECTED OFFICIALS! What does that say about the state of our nation? Not too much, I’m afraid. Stay tuned.
Winterfest 2014
The 2014 Oldsmobile Outdoor Club’s “Winterfest” at Grayling, Michigan was a rousing success. Lots of snow, good people and a friendly atmosphere added up to a great time had by all.
A big thank you needs to go out to all those who attended, to the Ramada Inn for being a gracious host, and an even bigger thank you to all of the volunteers that give their time and energy to make this event a success. Well done, guys! I’m proud to be a member!
If you didn’t have a chance to go this year, do yourself a favor and mark it on the calendar for next year. It’s a great time for the family and one of the things that your kids will remember forever.

Recording Secretary Scott Lounds
Mar 27, 2014

VW, the NLRB, and our next governor
There are those who have been unhappy with my views on politics and what I see as the importance of the UAW’s involvement in that arena. But if there was ever better evidence of how much the right-wing politicians hate Unions, and the UAW in particular, than the VW NLRB vote in Tennessee, I don’t know what it would be.
The usual suspects, Bob Corker, the Koch brothers, and others spent large sums of money and large amounts of time fighting the UAW in Tennessee, even though the company itself seemed more than happy to see the UAW organize their plant.
The same politicians who claim that right-to-work is all about worker freedom (as opposed to worker freeloading) injected themselves into the NLRB’s democratic process that has been in place for almost 80 years. Elected officials threatened VW and its workers with the loss of tax incentives and claimed to have knowledge that future product would not be allocated to the Tennessee plant if it was organized. Clearly these threats were meant to discourage employees from voting in the Union.
What are these politicians afraid of? Do they fear that if VW organizes, some of their citizens might have better pay, better benefits, or a safer work environment? Egad! Who could ever support that? If there is anything that the situation in Tennessee and the ongoing attacks on Unions in Michigan has proven, it is that who we support and who supports us as workers has never been more important.
That being said, I had the privilege of hearing Mark Schauer, Democratic candidate for Governor, speak this week. I must say that I was highly impressed. Many times in the past I have listened to candidates who were seeking the support of the UAW and other Labor groups. Sometimes, you can tell the speaker has studied up on what to say, or is searching for the right answer for the crowd they are speaking to; not Mark Schauer.
It was clear to me that Mr. Schauer’s beliefs are those that the Labor Movement holds dear. He spoke about the ways in which our current governor has attacked our retirees through taxes on their pensions and all the laws Snyder has signed limiting the rights of Unions and union members. Schauer also said that his first priority would be to get right-to-work (for less) repealed. Amen to that. It will be a brighter day for Michigan when Mark Schauer is Governor.

Retiree Chair Mike Bauer
Mar 27, 2014

March 2014
Hello everyone. Spring is officially upon us now, who knows what kind of ride it will be? The following is our monthly schedule of events:
First Tuesday of the month is Bingo. The games start at 5:00 p.m.
Third Tuesday of the month is our potluck dinner and business meeting. Bring your own table service and a dish to pass. Dinner starts at noon.
Fourth Tuesday of the month is card night starting at 5:00 p.m. Card night is for Locals 652 and 602.
Our bingo night, potluck/business meeting, and social night is for Local 652 retirees, spouses, and associate members only.
Our next social night will be April 8, 2014. Social night is for Local 652 retirees, spouses, and associate members only – no guests.
The Oldsmobile Outdoor Club has supplied us with the following camping dates and locations:
May 16-17-18 Camp Michawana, Hastings
June 13-14-15 White Cloud Campground, White Cloud
July 11-12-13 Leisure Lake Campground, Sumner
Aug. 8-9-10 Lakeside Camp Park, Cedar Springs
Sept. 12-13-14 Rocky’s Campground, Albion
Oct. 10-11-12 Michigan Trap Shooting Association, Mason
For further information, call Wagon Master Jay Courser, 517-323-2331. Camping is not limited to retirees; active workers who are members of the Oldsmobile Outdoor Club are welcome to join in the fun.
Due to a scheduling conflict, the date for the Region 1C Retiree Recreation Committee Euchre Tournament for the Lansing area retirees has been changed to May 7, at Local 602, starting at 9:00 a.m. Please arrive by 8:45 a.m. You do not need a partner to play. Please call 372-7581 ext. 147, and leave your name and phone number if you wish to play. The winners of this tournament will play the winners of the Flint tournament in the afternoon, at Local 602, following lunch.
The retirees are having a trip to Chicago September 9 - 12. Let’s fill the bus and have a good time! Call Marni for details, 517-321-6871.
Any Local 652 retiree that has never been to Black Lake, or has not been since they retired and would be interested in going, should contact me at 517-372-7581 ext. 147. Please leave your name and phone number. Black Lake Educational Center is an integral part of understanding how politics affect our daily lives (and pocketbooks). Members will attend seminars where retiree issues are discussed. While the Center is a beautiful place, it is not a vacation, you must attend the seminars daily.
Condolences to all the families who have had a loved one pass.
The following members and associates are in our thoughts and prayers: Robert Abernathy, Jewell Carrier, Joyce and Herb Fernholz, Dave Hodges, Don & Helen Hogan, Dorothy Hoisington, Roger & Alice Miller, Cecil Osenbaugh, Leonard Schneider, Bob & Lee Vergason, Mason Williams, Willa Wright, and any others we may have missed.
The Lansing Labor News is now online. You may access it at
The Food Bank could use our help. If possible, bring canned goods to donate when you attend retiree events. No expired food please.
Send your change of address to: Lansing Labor News, 210 Clare St., Lansing, MI 48917. Please include your current address and the old address when requesting the change.
If you have benefit questions, contact a benefit rep for answers. 517-372-7581 ext. 500.
You may contact me at the following email address:

Local 652 Obituaries
Mar 27, 2014

March 2014

Merval D. Carter – Father-in-Law of Brian Van Neste
Johnnie Chappell – Spouse of William Chappell
Chad Cochran – Step-Son of Rex Hutchison
Walter Dexter – Retiree, Father of Ronald Dexter
Paula Gates – Sister of Moses Hobbs
Elizabeth Condra-Guzman – Daughter of Oliver Condra
Robert Law – Retiree
Robert “Bob” L. Lord Jr. – Retiree
Ralph V. Murray – Retiree, Father of Michael and Steven Murray
Douglas Rohrer – Retiree
Joseph Smolka – Retiree, Brother of John Smolka
Elizabeth Maxine Starbard – Mother of Darrel Starbard
David Thayer – Retiree
Gene F. Thompson – Retiree
Eva Waltz – Mother of Robert Waltz Jr.
Thank-You’s were received from:
The Elizabeth Condra-Guzman Family
The Robert Lord Jr. Family
The Elizabeth Starbard Family

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