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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
November 27, 2015
UAW Local 652

UAW Local 652 represents workers at Android Industries, the General Motors Cadillac Plant, JCIM, and Ryder.

Local 652 is located at 426 Clare St., Lansing, MI 48917

Phone (517)  372-7581

President Mike Green
Sep 08, 2015

The impact of your work
I want to welcome back our members as we get ready for the Camaro launch this fall. We have 200 members returning, with 400 new hires, who will populate the second shift at LGR. Our new LOC unit, which has hired 79 people to support the second shift at LGR, we also welcome to the family at Local 652. Josh Clifford, unit chair at Ryder, said they will be hiring 50 new hires to support the second shift at LGR.
This shows what an impact a new product brought into Lansing has on area jobs. New workers are needed, and it’s because of you, the membership who day after day have committed to building a world-class product in Lansing. I am very proud to represent you here at Local 652 and that’s why GM can count on us to launch a quality product here at Lansing.
The strike vote held on August 20 was 99% for a yes vote to strike if necessary to secure a new contract in negotiations. This lets our bargaining team know that we support them in securing a fair contract. We will strike if called on by our top negotiating team.
The United Way’s Labor liaisons coordinated the building of a wheelchair ramp for a Local 652 retiree in Potterville. I want to thank Glenn Freeman and Dean Poggiali, the United Way’s labor liaisons, and Josh Clifford, unit chair of 652’s Ryder Unit, who supplied the material to build the ramp. The Carpenters 1004 Union Local members did the construction. Thanks to everyone who helped make someone’s life better.
Local Elections
Our Region 1D Capital Area CAP Council would like to thank everyone for their support of our endorsed candidates. The primaries are over, and now on to the full elections. The CAP Council has endorsed a number of candidates (see below) and asks for your support for these labor-friendly candidates.

Vice President Randy Freeman
Sep 08, 2015

Helping others
I want to inform you that the Greater Lansing Food Bank is in dire need of your support. Any non-perishable foods can be dropped off at the union hall, if you like. We will make sure it gets delivered to the Food Bank.
Also, the Region 1D Director’s Club Drive/Golf Outing is coming up on September 19. Money raised helps support the Food Bank and the Olds Newsboys’ Drive. For more information on this event, contact the Local 652 Union Hall.
This year’s Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk will be on October 10. You can support this event by ordering and buying a T-shirt at the hall. Proceeds will go for breast cancer research. “Help Finish the Fight!”
Great job on the GM strike vote! Local 652 approved it by 99%. We appreciate all the support. It’s good to have our members behind us while we’re in negotiations. Thank you.
With the election season approaching, remember to get out and vote for those that support us.

Financial Secretary Bob Smith
Sep 08, 2015

Labor Day
Labor Day! Welcome … to the end of summer. It’s a little depressing really. Kids are going back to school (WATCH FOR THEM). We’re closing up the cabins or swimming pools, taking that last trip up north or maybe getting the hunting equipment out. It’s never too early! Me, I like fishing and golf this time of year. Two of my favorite pastimes done during my favorite season, what could be better? Get out and enjoy. The white stuff will be here sooner than you think!
I hope everyone had a great summer. Here at the Local it has been an extremely busy one! We have welcomed many new members and welcomed back many returning members. Whether you’re a newbie or a returning member, all of us at the hall would like to say hello! With the Camaro launch and the new models of the Cadillacs being built it’s a great time to be a member of the best Local around!
And then we have the political season that’s starting to heat up. Look at the number of people that announced a run for the presidency. You have to search pretty hard to find someone that hasn’t announced. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more crowded or more confusing set of candidates than the list the GOP is presenting this cycle. Wow! One of the more creative news pundits described it as a “clown car” of candidates and I guess I can’t argue with his choice of words!
Meanwhile the Dems have what I think is a very solid list of candidates. I am looking forward to the primaries, which should be very interesting. As always, I encourage all of you to study all the candidates carefully with an eye to supporting the folks who support us. We need to take the state and country back for the middle class!
Don’t forget, membership meetings are the second Sunday of the month at Local 652 Union Hall, 426 Clare Street, Lansing. Meeting times are as follows; Ryder at 2 PM, JCIM unit and GM LOC unit at 3 PM, Android at 4 PM and the General Membership meeting at 6 PM. Hope to see you there!

Recording Secretary Scott Lounds
Sep 08, 2015

Labor Day
First of all, in honor of Labor Day I would just like to thank the many Union men and women who through their words and actions taught me the importance of Unions. My education started at home. My father was a committeeman, shop committeeman and apprentice committeeman during most of my youth and by example taught me many of the core values of the Labor Movement. I have also been lucky enough during my time at General Motors to have been represented by, and served with, many fantastic examples of upstanding and outstanding union leadership. The role of union steward, committeeman, bargainer, by whatever name you call it is not an easy job. It is often a thankless job, but it is an important one.
Labor Day celebrates the great works that the Labor Movement has undertaken in creating a middle class, and a society, that have been the envy of the world for decades. The role of Unions in creating and maintaining an open and democratic society is an important one. When you see the rich, the powerful, the Republican Party, opposing Unions keep in mind that Unions play an important role in a civil society, even outside of collective bargaining.
Authoritarian regimes, from Saudi Arabia, to Franco’s fascist Spain, to the Nazi government under Hitler all forbade, or in some cases still forbid the formation of Unions. This is because authoritarian regimes recognize the powers that Unions have to contest their authority and delegitimize authoritarian regimes by providing a collective voice for the working class, and providing an opposition to the moneyed, powerful elite. A prime example of this was the vital role that Polish Unions and Lech Walesa played in the democratization of Poland during the Soviet era.
Another reason that Union are important to a civil society it that they show a true model of democracy. The election of your representatives at your worksite are free from the kind of outside influence we now see in the American electoral system,; they are about personalities, performance, knowledge, and the things that elections should be about. Union members get used to voting and participating in a democratic system.
Also, unlike many constituency groups and movements, the Labor Movement is diverse. Unions are made up of a broad spectrum of races, colors, religions, and sexual orientation. The same cannot be said for grassroots groups on the right, like the Tea Party. In the end, to oppose unions is to oppose a civil and open society.
Like Samuel Gompers, the early Labor leader said, “What Labor wants are more schoolhouses and less jails; more books and less arsenals; more learning and less vice; more work and less crime; more leisure and less greed; more justice and less revenge; in fact, more opportunities to cultivate a better nature.” It makes one wonder why there are those who seek to demonize us all as union thugs and continue to work toward the death of the Labor movement. Are these people afraid of an open society?

Retiree Chair Mike Bauer
Sep 08, 2015

September 2015

Fall is just around the corner. I hope everyone takes the time to enjoy the beautiful colors of the outdoors.
The following is our monthly schedule of events:
First Tuesday of the month is Bingo. Games start at 10:00 a.m. Participants bring your own snacks.
Third Tuesday of the month is our potluck dinner and business meeting. Bring your own table service and a dish to pass. Dinner starts at noon.
Fourth Tuesday of the month is cards starting at 10:00 a.m. Participants bring your own snacks.
The Lansing area retiree euchre tournament will be held Friday, September 25, at Local 652, starting at noon. There is no luncheon. You do not need a partner to play.
The annual meeting with the VEBA Trust and its carriers will be held Friday, October 23, at Local 652, starting at 10:00 a.m.
November 24 cards are cancelled.
December 22 cards are cancelled.
Wagon Master Jay Courser has supplied the Oldsmobile Outdoor Club camping schedule for the 2015 season:
September 11-13 Rocky’s Campground - Albion, MI
October 9-11 Michigan Trap Shooting Association - Mason, MI
The camping outings are for all Outdoor Club members, not just retirees. For more information, contact Jay at 517-323-2331.
The Region 1D Retiree Travel Committee has a rail trip to the Grand Canyon/Las Vegas/Zion National Park/Capitol Reef National Park in May 2016. Contact Connie Dunn (517-323-2146) for more information and to make your reservation.
Condolences to all families who have had a loved one pass.
The following members and associates are in our thoughts and prayers: Robert Abernathy, Jewell Carrier, Joyce & Herb Fernholz, Hazel Hodges, Don & Helen Hogan, Dorothy Hoisington, Roger & Alice Miller, Leonard Schneider, Bob Vergason, Mason Williams, Willa Wright, and any others we may have missed.
The Lansing Labor News is now online. You may access it at
The Food Bank could use our help. If possible, bring canned goods to donate when you attend retiree events. No expired food please.
Send your change of address to: Lansing Labor News, 210 Clare St., Lansing, MI 48917. Please include your current address and the old address when requesting the change.
If you have benefit questions, contact a benefit rep for answers. 517-372-7581 ext.500
You may contact me at the following email address:

Local 652 Obituaries
Sep 08, 2015

September 2015

Don Bessette – Retiree, Brother of Robert “Bob” Bessette
Luther Craft – Retiree
Robert J. Densmore Jr. – Retiree
Helen R. Devereaux – Mother of Myrl Pierce
Aris Emudiaga Ejoh – Son of Emudiaga Ejoh
James L. Ellis – Retiree
Robert Elston – Retiree
Bernadine Fuller – Mother-in-Law of Lisa Swan
Joaqim “Carlos” Garcia – Retiree, Brother of Joaqim “Jack” Garcia
Wendell Grove – Retiree, Father of Randall Grove, Father-in-Law of Tina Grove
John T. Hall – Retiree, Spouse of Mary Hall, Father-in-Law of Michael Wrubel
Robert Hendee – Retiree, Father of Gary Hendee, Grandfather of Duane Hendee
Bill Hudson- Retiree
Terrance L. Johnson – Retiree
Cathy Jones – Spouse of Kenneth Jones, Sister-in-Law of Gene Spitz
Richard Jones – Retiree
Cornelia Keilen – Mother-in-Law of Rick Davarn
Dorothy Kienitz – Mother-in-Law of David Seeley
William Kienitz – Father-in-Law of David Seeley
Peter W. Klein – Father of Patrick J. Klein
Irene Leyko – Mother-in-Law of Lonny R. Church
Robert Longmire- Retiree
Marguerite L. McDiarmid – Mother of Lee McDiarmid, Mother-in-Law of Frances McDiarmid, Stepmother of Milan McDiarmid, Aunt of Gary McDiarmid
Isabelle Mietelka – Mother of James Mietelka
Carolyn Morgan-Wright – Daughter of Roosevelt Pearson
Judd Olmstead – Retiree
Roosevelt Pearson – Retiree
Mabel Poirier – Retiree
Max E. Potter – Retiree
Sue Pugh – Step-Mother of James “Skip” Pugh
Harold T. Rockey – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Bill Thurston and David Speckin
Gricelda Salazar – Spouse of Felipe T. Salazar
Douglas Schoo – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Richard Greenleaf
Richard Shaw – Retiree, Father of Chris Shaw
Robert “Bob” Sheldon – Retiree
Carrie Smith – Mother of Leona Smith
Wayne Willard – Father-in-Law of David Snoeyink
Andrew Woodcock – Son of Robert “Bob” Woodcock, Nephew of Van Woodcock
Vernal L. Workman – Mother of Jim Workman
652 Thank Yous
Thank yous were received from:
The Gerald & Lucile Alford Family
The Howard Cole Family
The James Genson Family
The Bob Lambka Family
The Irene Leyko Family
The David Norris Family
The Roosevelt Pearson Family
The Vernal Workman Family

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