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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
April 30, 2016
UAW Local 652

UAW Local 652 represents workers at Android Industries, the General Motors Cadillac Plant, JCIM, and Ryder.

Local 652 is located at 426 Clare St., Lansing, MI 48917

Phone (517)  372-7581

President Mike Green
Feb 01, 2016

Gains and losses in 2015
The new year at Lansing Grand River has been very busy. Here at Local 652 we have been welcoming the 500 new members to fill the third and build our new 2016 Camaro.
Our goal has been to make sure our plant is fully utilized to build the world-class product produced by our membership.
Congratulations to everyone at the plant. Your work and dedication help to ensure future products built here in Lansing!
2015 ended with the Old Newsboys collection. Thanks for your donations to help our less fortunate with boots and shoes for the winter season. Several local presidents and officers from the Lansing area joined together at LAFCU’s main office to help collect donations, along with Local 652 retirees. Thanks to everyone who helped collect donations and bought the spoof newspaper. (See the photo to the right.)
This last year we lost:
Dorothy Hoisington, spouse of past 652 Retiree Chair Henry Hoisington, who served many years on elections, rallies, and anything else that needed to be done.
Local 652 retiree Willa Wright. Vice President Randy Freeman and I had a chance to visit her, and brought her a chocolate malt. She was able to get out of bed and enjoy her treat and visit with us. Willa was always available for anything she could help with. I will miss those pecan pies and special cookies and desserts only she could make.
Dorothy Stevens, Local 602’s Retiree Chair. Dorothy was a great asset to our CAP Council when it came to phone banks to get out the votes for our endorsed candidates. She will be missed.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to each of these fine ladies’ families.
Flint water
On Tuesday, January 19, we attended a rally at the Capitol to call for action to meet the needs for safe drinking water in Flint. I can only tell you what I think about those who created an atmosphere to jeopardize our families, children, and grandchildren. They must be held accountable. Hopefully, if rallies are called, you can attend, or write, phone, or visit your representatives.
How could this happen, the lead poisoning of Flint’s drinking water? And Detroit schools with floors demolished, mice running around in the school, and security doors rusted with no money to repair them!
The Lansing State Journal reported that Region 1D Assistant Director Steve Dawes stated that Governor Snyder and his crony Republicans created the crisis and refused to acknowledge the problems.
The voters of our state have voted in the past that they did not want the emergency manager law. The legislature passed the law again and did so with an appropriation to make it referendum proof.
What has happened in Flint is proof enough that the governor and legislature are responsible!

Vice President Randy Freeman
Feb 01, 2016

Coming events

The Oldsmobile Outdoor Club is hosting their annual “Winterfest” family event at Grayling on Friday, February 12 through Sunday, February 14.
The weekend starts with family bingo Friday evening. There will be a poker run, snowmobile safari, adult’s and kid’s fishing contests, great company, good food, and lots of prizes!
Registration starts at noon on Friday at the Ramada Inn of Grayling. This will be the location for registration and headquarters for all events.
Come and join the fun! Rooms may be available at the Ramada Inn of Grayling, phone (989) 348-7611, and other area hotels. Please tell them you are with the Oldsmobile Outdoor Club. For more information, go to the club website at
Black History Program
Local 652 will sponsor a Black History Program on February 28 at 3:00 p.m. at the hall, 426 Clare Street in Lansing. The keynote speaker is the Honorable Judge Donald Allen of the 55th District Court. This is a free event and dinner will be served.

Financial Secretary Bob Smith
Feb 01, 2016

Legislature must repeal emergency manager law
By now everyone is probably aware of the problems facing Flint. The water crisis has attracted national attention. The Department of Justice and Attorney General have announced independent investigations. Our Governor has formed several task forces and declared a state of emergency while the Director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and his spokesperson have resigned. President Obama is providing federal support for the problem. But little is being said about the root of the problem, PA 436 or the Emergency Manager Act (EM Act).
Originally the EM Act was designed during the James Blanchard era to provide financial advice and assistance to cash-strapped cities, towns, school districts, etc. The manager would investigate and suggest solutions that the properly elected officials could then act upon. Unfortunately, our business oriented present Governor Tough-Nerd decided that wasn’t enough and in 2011 signed a new EM law that gave almost unlimited power to state appointed managers, denying people their democratically elected representation, eliminating the checks and balances that make a democracy functional.
Being the intelligent and thoughtful voters that we all know and love, the people of Michigan promptly, through a statewide referendum, voted against the law and in so doing told the Legislature in no uncertain terms that we like our democratically elected form of government. Of course the Republican-controlled state government recognized that the citizens of our great state really had no concept of what was in our best interests and passed a new Emergency Manager Act within a few months of the referendum. And just to make sure we wouldn’t hurt ourselves by voting it down again, added an appropriation to the bill to make it referendum proof! Those Republicans! Always looking out for us! Almost makes me want to cry … no really, it does make me want to cry. Damn! How the hell did we get to this?
Unfortunately, the EM Act does NOT require an Emergency Financial Manager to have any expertise outside of the financial area—and that fact causes him to focus in that area above all else. With absolute power he is able to stay the course and ignore citizen complaints, scientific processes, and manipulation of data (sound familiar, Flint?), all to achieve the desired results—less cost.
We need to look at the situation in Flint and refocus our efforts. Michigan’s Legislature passed this law. They govern this state and they have a responsibility to keep our citizenry safe: ALL of our citizenry, even the ones from areas that are hit hardest by poverty. It’s time for them to repeal the law that made this possible. If they cannot do this on their own, I hope the voters will remember in November!
Conservatives believe that power should be as decentralized as possible. “No one can be fully trusted with public power and … self-government in a free society demands that we reject the siren song of politics-as-management,” wrote Yuval Levin, editor of the conservative journal National Affairs, a respected right-leaning national publication. Seems the exact opposite of the track Governor Snyder is taking. Maybe Michigan Republicans should look to their own for advice. There could be hope still.
Until next time …

Recording Secretary Scott Lounds
Feb 01, 2016

Another attack on working class
On January 6 of this year the Governor signed into law Public Act 269, which when introduced in October was an innocuous twelve-page bill on campaign finance reform. But when it was voted through in the last hours of the last day of the 2015 legislative session, it included 40 new pages of law.
Among the heinous things slipped into the new language of the bill were changes in accounting practices for PAC’s that effectively double the amount a PAC can donate in an election cycle and change the reporting date so that contributions will not be made public until after Election Day. The last-minute changes also made it illegal for companies to deduct union political contributions—VCAP for example—from employees who have requested that these deductions be made.
Sadly, many legislators voted yes on the bill without even reading the new language, urged to act quickly by the Republican leadership. Even some Republicans have since expressed outrage at some of the language put into the bill they voted for. One Republican representative, Dave Pagel, went so far as to write a letter to Governor Rick Snyder asking that he veto the bill, even though Pagel had himself voted for it.
This bill will allow the rich and their powerful PAC’s to contribute more to the causes and candidates they support while making it more difficult for unions and the working people who are their members to contribute at all.
With what justification, you ask. How did the anti-union forces spin the ban on payroll deduction of political funds for union members? Well, the Michigan Freedom Fund, a conservative, anti-union group with close ties to the DeVos family, claimed the provision would allow companies to focus on their core business and end the long-standing practice of labor unions getting companies to pay the administration cost of political contributions.
This leaves me with two questions. First, are the people speaking for the Michigan Freedom Fund really that out of touch with how payroll deduction actually works? Do they think there is a room full of clerks and scribes doing
this work, like a scene from a Dickens novel?
Because, these transactions are computerized and represent minimal expense or hassle for companies. The second question is do they actually believe the things they say?
I say no, these are devious people who justify their anti-union motives in the thinnest and most perfunctory way because the people they serve do not care about anything but harming the unions and impeding candidates who are supported by working people.
Keep in mind that when the Republicans did the same thing to teachers’ unions in 2012, the Senate Fiscal Agency, which is non-partisan, stated in its report that the ban on deduction of political contributions would not result in any savings to school districts.
So the people enacting, or at least drafting, these bills know they are nothing more than bald-faced attempts to weaken the political power of the working people and unions and are in no way a cost savings to companies.
In my December Labor News article I wrote about the ban on straight-ticket voting, which is designed to create longer lines in urban areas and suppress the vote. Now once again through this legislation the Republicans are making it harder for working people to elect their candidates, and easier for the rich to elect theirs.
Unfortunately, I have come to expect this sort of behavior from our current legislature. The leadership of the majority party is so firmly under the thumb of the rich donors and the threat of a well-funded primary challenge that they will do whatever it takes to protect themselves and their position at the expense of those they are supposed to represent.
This will be the legacy of our current legislature and what a shame that is.

Retiree Chair Mike Bauer
Feb 01, 2016

January 2016

Happy New Year to all. Looking forward to a successful 2016 for everyone. The following is our monthly schedule of events:
First Tuesday of the month is Bingo. Games start at 10:00 a.m. Participants bring your own snacks. If the Lansing School District is closed due to inclement weather, our Bingo game will be cancelled.
Third Tuesday of the month is our potluck dinner and business meeting. Bring your own table service and a dish to pass. Dinner starts at noon.
Fourth Tuesday of the month is cards starting at 10:00 a.m. Participants bring your own snacks. By membership action, cards have been suspended until April.
The Region 1D Retiree Travel Committee has a rail trip to the Grand Canyon/Las Vegas/Zion National Park/Capitol Reef National Park in May 2016. Contact Connie Dunn (517-323-2146) for more information and to make your reservation.
The Region 1D Travel Committee also has an October 2016 trip to Savannah, Jekyll Island and Beaufort. There are two departure dates available. Contact Connie Dunn (517-323-2146) for more info and to make your reservation.
The Red Cross has various volunteer opportunities available for anyone who is interested in doing volunteer work. Contact Chante Alexander at 517-702-3308 for more information.
The Region 1D Retiree Recreation Committee is having a Euchre Tournament for all Region 1D retirees, spouses, and associate members on April 29 at Local 602, starting at 10:00 a.m. You do not need a partner to play. There will be a luncheon following the tournament. Local 602 is located at 2510 W. Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI 48917. Please call 517-372-7581 ext.147 to leave your name and phone number to sign up. Players need to be at Local 602 by 9:45 a.m. to be ready to play at 10.
White Shirt Day is February 11. Sit Downers will be honored at Local 659 in Flint, starting at 11:00 a.m. Local 659 is located at 4549 Van Slyke Rd., Flint.
For any of our members or their families, who are ill or have lost a loved one, know that we are thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.
Condolences to all families who have had a loved one pass.
The Lansing Labor News is now online. You may access it at
The Food Bank could use our help. If possible, bring canned goods to donate when you attend retiree events. No expired food please.
Send your change of address to: Lansing Labor News, 210 Clare St., Lansing, MI 4891. Please include your current address and the old address when requesting the change.
If you have benefit questions, contact a benefit rep for answers. 517-372-7581 ext. 500
You may contact me at the following email address:

Local 652 Obituaries
Feb 01, 2016

January 2016

John H. Adams – Retiree, Brother of Jack Adams, Uncle of Ruby Adams
Barry L. Baxter – Retiree, Brother of Jeffrey Baxter
Maxine Brainard – Mother of Steve Brainard
Ted Gibson – Retiree
Vernon R. Grove – Retiree, Father of Jennifer Gilbert, Grandfather of Jayson Grove and special Uncle to Mary Place
Dorothy Hoisington – Retiree, Mother of Mike Sedore
Michael R. Jacobs – Retiree, Brother of Wayne Jacobs
Urania James – Spouse of Emmitt James
Kathleen K. Moore – Spouse of Steven Moore
Patricia A. Phelps – Daughter of Robert Cooper
Belle L. Polihonki – Retiree
Charles Reeder – Retiree
Jose R. Regal – Retiree
Linda L. Sears – Retiree, Mother of Debra Houk, Mother-in-Law of Chris Houk, Mother of Douglas Sears, Sister of Dale Bahl and Carol Bidinger
Freddie C. Sherwood – Brother-in-Law of Terry Martin
Grace Vedder – Retiree, Mother of Loid and James Vedder
Bruce Walker – Retiree
Willa Wright – Retiree
652 Thank You
From the family of Charles A. Reeder

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