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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
November 23, 2017
Local 602 Obituaries
Updated On: Oct 02, 2017

September 2017

ickie L. Miller – Retired
Marie Denning – Mother of Paul Denning, Active, Production, Body Underbody Pans
Dallas l. Walters – Retired
Collen E. Krabill – Wife of Robert Krabill, Retired
Robert J. Spangler – Retired
Gerald Q. Eastman – Father of Steve Eastman, Active, Paint Topcoat
Mary Louise Klein – Mother of Mark Klein, Active, Materials
Otis Hall – Retired
James G. Henry – Retiree
Scott M. Dicks – Retiree
Gail A. Zeigler – Retiree
Timothy H. Southwell – Retiree
Xavier Martin – Step-Son of Kevin Nanasy, Active, Final Materials
Rex A. Britten – Retired
Kenneth D. Doten – Retired
Sharon Ann Brown – Wife of Paul Brown, Active, Skilled Trades Zone
Barbara Jean Williams – Mother of Bob Williams, Retired
Goldie F Banner – Retired
Patrick W Hall – Retired
Leonard E Clouse – Retired
Kenneth L Milstead – Retired
Gilbert Cuellar – Retired
William E Johnson Jr. – Retired
James Dempsey – Retired
Cynthia Ann Saxton – Wife of Walter Saxton, Retired
William Lee Epps – Father of Michael Epps, Active, Production 1st shift
Joanne L. Barrett – Mother of Dave Barrett, Retired
Terry R. Jones – Retired
Frederick H. Ellsworth – Retired
James C. Roberts – Retired
Ronald J. Satkowiak – Retired
Athesia “Azzia” Martha Kuri – Mother of Denise Auble, Active, 1st Quality Control Care/WT
Bobbie Bancroft – Mother of Ronald Bancroft, Active, GA Chassis 1st shift
Richard Hands – Retired
Rolland Wing – Retired
Stella Irene Wenzlick – Mother of Tim Wenzlick, Retired
Ronald Pierce – Father of Joel Pierce, Active, Body Maintenance
John Holtman – Father-In-Law of Joel Pierce, Active, Body Maintenance
Gary Allen Knight – Father of Debra Knight, Active, Quality Control
Dale W. Harrison – Retired
Mary C. Reimbold – Mother of Steve Reimbold, Retired
Nancy J. Houghton – Mother of Wes Houghton, Retired
Randall E. Fausett – Retired
Chris Q. Pierce – Father of Angi Dixon, Active, Materials Trim
Thomas Adams – Retired
Alvin L. Dunn – Retired
Lee L. Preston – Retired
Leah Mae Whitney – Daughter of James Stiles, Retired
Virgil E. Stiles Sr. – Father of James Stiles, Retired
Russell Edwin Waters – Father-In-Law of Charles G. Coon, Retired
Virgil E. Stiles Sr. – Father of James Stiles, Retired and Father of Virgil E. Stiles Jr, Active, Quality Control Engineering
Leah Mae Whitney – Daughter of James Stiles, Retired
Andrew Graham – Retired
Leroy Mitchell – Father of Gail Patterson, Active, GA Chassis 3
Paul A. Richards – Active, Delta Assembly
Albert S. Peacock – Retired
Thomas M. Van Wormer – Retired

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