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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
September 25, 2017
Local 602 Obituaries
Updated On: Jun 05, 2017

May 2017

Raymond H. Taylor – Retired
Kenneth L. Wreggelsworth – Retired
Larry D. Williams – Retired
Billy McDiarmid – Retired
Terrance Melvin – Retired
James Mayes – Father of Gregory O. Mayes, Materials Body/Paint
Francis James Kelly – Father of Dan Kelly, Active, Body Metal Finish
Arnold T. Simon – Retired
David L. Booth – Retired
Jack S. Hager – Retired
Karen Smith – Mother-in-Law of Roland McMann, Active, Body Doors
Richard P. Bidwell – Retired
Thomas Slocum – Father of Tammy Gomez, Delta Assembly
Shirley Ball – Mother of Steve Wyzlic, GA Trim 3
Gary W. Schaaf – Retired, Terry Schaaf – Spouse (Retired), Richard Schaaf – Brother (Retired), Mike Hengesbach – Brother-in-Law (Retired) and Reynolds Hengesbach – Father-in-Law (Deceased)
Phyllis Binkowski – Mother of Cathy Bennett, Retired (Thank You for Bible in memory of my Mother)
Bruce W. Baker – Retired
Deborah Wood – Wife of Anthony Wood, Retired
Aulden Burkholder – Father of Shelly Zavala and Father-in-Law of Jose A. Zavala
Benny G. Huerta – Retired
Robert L. Sowle – Retired
Steven Hintz – Father of Michael Hintz, GA Trim
Belinda “Kelly” Felzke – Sister of Paulina Rodriguez, Body Sides and Recreation Chair
Allen J. Parish – Retired
Erla Mae Adams – Mother of Earl Adams, Skilled Trades
Dennis Schlee – Retired
William C. Zimmerman – Retired
Trent Bogle – Retired
Walter L. Beeman – Retired
Harold Woodman – Retired
Mary Bernath – Mother of Garry Bernath, International UAW Representative
Timothy M. Draper – Active, GA Engine Dress
Bert Black Jr- Retired
Robert J. Karkau – Retired
Wilson J. Rochester – Father of Laurie Croy, Active, Body Sides
Donald “Tunk” Agler Jr – Retired
Alex H. McClelland – Retired
Leon Bates – Retired
Keith R. Emerson Jr. – Retired
Myongle K. Choe – Retired
Richard House – Retired
Laddie Trotter – Father of Shaconda Warren, Active, UAW Elected, District 10 Committee
Freda G. Bauer – Mother of both Neil Bauer, Active, Quality Control Engineering & Jane Bell, Active, GA Repair
Judy Melivs – Mother of Gerry Puente, Active, Quality Control GA
Shirley Sapila – Mother of Dave Sapila, Active, GA Chassis 3
Irene M. Hartman – Mother of Carol Hartman, Retired
Terri Lynn Pearson – Mother of Calvin E. Wilbon, Active, Body Filters
Kimberely Wagner – Active, Materials Final
Georgieana Buchholz – Mother of Kelly Buchholz, Active, Paint 
Rodney A. Farr – Retired
Terry Johnson – Retired
Wesley C. Davis – Retired
Salome T. Campbell – Grandmother of Bridget Watts, Active, GA Trim 3
Tracy Tennant – Daughter of Ernest Tennant, Retired
Marjorie Smith – Mother of Dan Smith, Retired
James Vaden, Step Father of Veronica Johnson, Retired

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