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November 30, 2021
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Local 602 President Mike Huerta
Updated On: Sep 08, 2021

September 2021

When will we learn?

In the May issue of the Lansing Labor News I wrote, “Please keep our brothers and sisters that are experiencing long periods of layoff in your thoughts. The global microchip shortage has dramatically affected production of many industries. those of us in the U.S. labor movement have been demanding the millions of jobs that have been outsourced or moved to countries with questionable environmental and labor standards be brought back to the United States so that this type of supply chain issue would never happen.” Now it’s local 602’s turn. As you are reading this local 602 active members will be in their 2nd month of Layoff due to microchip supply issues.
In 2017 members of UAW local 292 in Kokomo Indiana stopped building Microchips. Our Brothers and Sisters in Kokomo had built Microchips since the 1980’s. just like many things that were formerly built in the U.S. they are now built wherever they can be made cheapest. UAW local 292 was in the headlines last year as they quickly pivoted from building parts to building ventilators to help during the COVID peak last year.  Local 292 officials expressed their frustration,
"At what point does 'investing' in American jobs, in local jobs become a worthy venture?” … “Are we not worth some of the tax incentives, and breaks that are possible to entice GM to care about American — KOKOMO — jobs?"
It was just a matter of time until other countries, where former American jobs have been moved, determined whether or not we could work. What’s left of American manufacturing work is now being destroyed by corporate greed and we all hold some of the responsibility as well. If we continue to be indifferent to buying American made goods we will continue to see the demise of American manufacturing.
As Labor day approaches please take the time to look at the label and look for American made goods wherever and whenever you can. The American middle class is counting on us!

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