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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
May 29, 2017
Financial Secretary Bob Smith
Updated On: Mar 15, 2017

Who to trust?

The limits of propriety have been reached! I cannot think of a time in my life that the social climate of our nation could be any worse! Conservatives bash liberals and label them free spenders, welfare lovers, anti-religious elitist snobs. Meanwhile liberals bash conservatives, labeling them greedy, war mongering, racist, separatist, Cro-Magnon isolationists!
Who’s right? Both! Both sides have a minority of these classes along with many others, not necessarily all good or all bad. Taken together, these groups homogenize into the political groups we have today.
The problem as I see it is the fanatics from both sides have learned that the information age allows them to reach many more people than ever before. These groups have become very adept at using the new tools at their disposal to influence their parties in sometimes horrendous ways and they’re using a form of pigeon-holing ideology to win their arguments.
If you happen to be on the left and you would like to move towards the middle on a certain issue, the group will label you heartless and unfeeling. On the right any sign of cooperation has you branded a traitor, a Godless immoral, or worse! We can’t continue like this.
The problem is there are no easy solutions. The proliferation of internet opinion sites that masquerade as news sites has everyone confused. You can find any opinion on any issue that you can imagine. Even the news sites that were once considered dependable have been so contaminated that they barely hold their own over the trash sites.
I’d like you to try a little experiment. Find a quiet corner, sit and think about where your information comes from. Who do you trust? When I tried this I came to the realization that I didn’t know who to trust! There are no Walter Cronkite’s, Ed Murrow’s, Chet Huntley’s or David Brinkley’s in today’s world. The kind of newsperson that earned our trust over many years. I don’t see that kind of honesty and integrity in any of this era’s news people and I’m not sure how we correct this situation or if it can even be corrected. I do know that I’m studying my news outlets with a jaundiced eye, no longer trusting because it’s CBS or ABC or CNN.
Perhaps someday another Cronkite will emerge. I certainly hope so, but until then, I’m going to be very wary of my news sources. Just remember, don’t live in an echo chamber. Don’t be afraid to listen to an opposing view. If you never hear a narrative that contradicts your world view, you are probably not getting the full story. The real story is always somewhere in the middle.

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