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April 01, 2023
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BCBSM-unit Vice President Christy Jones
Updated On: Dec 15, 2022

December 2022

What is union made all about?

Union made is about bringing conscious awareness to the products made, assembled and services performed by union labor.

Across America, men and women of unions are part of industries that produce some items we use. We simply have no collective awareness of who produces them. Did you know union workers make food, clothes, and beauty products? Also, union workers are employed at prestigious hotels and casinos.

Support unions: Before we can be supportive of others, we need to be supportive of ourselves. We can start by being actively involved with the union. For example, we can learn more about the benefits and protection by union just by attending membership meetings and being involved with committees. Additionally, unions support the well being of the employee overall in the following ways

1. Work Environment: Unions negotiate workplace health and safety standards to ensure the environment is safe and supportive for their employees.

2. Healthy Living: Unions offer access to healthcare that is affordable and reliable.

3. A Future: Unions provide retirement and other benefits that ensure a secure future for employees and their families.

4. Opportunities: Unions offer employees the opportunity to grow and learn on the job. They also help employees find new opportunities as they advance in their careers.

5. Raise awareness: During the cold, dark days of winter let us raise our awareness beyond the commercialization of the holiday and mindless mass consumption of goods and services. Let us recognize the men and women who bring those goods and services to us every day in a very simple way. Let’s buy what they make. Buy union made.

6. Learn More: Here are some resources to find out information on Union/American made products.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Christy Jones, Vice President- Local 2256-BCBSM unit.

Make a conscious consumer choice.

We can learn about the products that are made by labor unions. How to show your family how to be conscious consumers during the Christmas holiday.

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