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Established 1945
October 28, 2021
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Local 1753 President Yvonne Vincent
Updated On: Sep 08, 2021

September 2020

Hello 1753 Brothers and Sisters,

By now you should have received a prepaid postcard in the mail asking for your correct address. You should write, “Yes, correct” or correct the address (if it was forwarded to you) and mail it back to the Union Hall. The postcards that get returned to us we know are not correct and will attempt to find out why. It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure their address is correct with the Union Hall. General Motors does not inform the Union if you update your address with them.

Having a correct address on record is important because a referendum election will be coming this Fall. It will determine how the UAW International Executive Board is elected. If it stays the Delegate System way, then the person you voted to be the Constitutional Delegate will represent the plant and its interests.. If you choose Direct Election, then it will be each Member, who will be able to vote on who is on the International Executive Board. If you choose Direct Election, it will be up to you as Members to educate yourself on all nominated parties. Just like in any other election, don’t vote for “Anna Whoever” or “Dave Whoever” just because you have an Aunt Anna or a neighbor named Dave who you like. The IEB is very important in national negotiations and growing Membership. This can mean gaining jobs or reducing jobs for us here in 1753.

Speaking of jobs, your actions in the plant can also be considered in this. Are your actions eliminating jobs? For example, do you violate seniority rules when it benefits you? Or are you following the proper process that protects everyone? Does the fact that something takes longer to do right mean you don’t do it right? Having management do part of your job description because it's easier, or “it doesn’t matter” is a self-defeating way of thinking and can easily end up in a cut of someone’s position, including yours.

If you think your Union is weak - do you stick together in your department or just look out for yourself? How engaged are you in Union meetings, standing committees or calling your committee person if you see something wrong/questionable? Do you give your Bargaining Team a heads-up if something is now changed in your department? All these things lead to a stronger Union, solidarity and job security. If you would like to gain more Union Knowledge, free classes are being offered the entire month of September through the Region.. The classes offered are posted on the Union Information Boards in the Plant. Please let Yvonne know if you are interested in taking any of the classes. They are available at your convenience through zoom, but the union must register you.  

Our September General Meeting is scheduled for 9/22/21, 2:15 p.m. on Zoom. Info to call in or log on is posted on the Union info board in the plant. Make your voice heard.

In solidarity,

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