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February 21, 2019
Region 1D

Region 1D Director Gerald Kariem
Mar 29, 2018

March 2018 - Stay Focused

Brothers and Sisters,

I bring greetings from the great men and women of Region 1D, both retired and active.

Please allow me a chance to reflect just a little. Four short years ago, we were talking about merging two historically rich Regions: 1C and 1D. In my acceptance speech, I asked the membership to be patient as we made this transition and built the team. I further asked that we have a higher level of unity, solidarity, and consensus. We committed to being dedicated and willing to accept the awesome challenge put before us. My thoughts were with the increase in membership. We would be more diverse, more inclusive, more helpful, more respectful, and more effective in the workplace and the community.

I’m not boasting or bragging, but word on the street is: we have become a damn good region. I agree, but I know we have more work to do. Over the past four years, I have seen collaborations and cooperation from our talented membership. I could write a book on the heroic efforts I have seen members put forth, active and retired. Our local unions and their retiree chapters are more active and engaged than ever.

Moving forward, Brothers and Sisters, it is clear to me, we have what it takes to make a difference, as well as the wherewithal to maintain the great legacy of the UAW. If we stay laser focused on the job at hand, and keep solidarity and unity in our hearts and mind, we will continue to succeed. Our job is to serve our members and our communities.

The next couple of months are going to be extremely busy and important with the Constitutional Convention and the mid-term elections coming up. It is imperative we not let anything divide us.

Elections have consequences. Elections. Have. Consequences. This midterm is one in which we will speak Truth to Power. I don’t need to get into a blow by blow description of the many attacks that have been leveled toward labor and working families. It’s now or never, people. We must take back the State House of Michigan and elect Gretchen Whitmer as Governor.

Additionally, congratulations to the new Capital Area CAP Council. I know you will continue to be the “best of the best” in community engagement and political activism.

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