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February 20, 2017
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Critical union vote on Feb. 15
One of the most important union fights in years is happening in South Carolina right now. If a Boeing plant of 3,000 workers successfully unionizes, it will represent a major victory for labor in the Deep South. The vote is scheduled for February 15. See an article about it at
New Legal Services Plan
The new Legal Services Plan is called the UAW-FCA—Ford-General Motors Legal Services Plan (“Plan”). Effective Wednesday, January 25, 2017 the Plan will begin taking new cases.
A new case can be opened by calling this toll-free number: 800-482-7700.
Eligible participants in the Plan will include active and retired UAW-represented employees at FCA, Ford and General Motors and their surviving spouses.
What legal services or matters will be covered by the Plan? The Plan will offer an “office work” benefit, which will provide services for the following types of legal matters:
• wills and trusts
• powers of attorney
• purchase or sale and other uncontested issues regarding residential real property
• deeds
• uncontested family matters
• credit reporting
• contracts for goods or services
• residential leases
• birth or marriage certificates
• name changes
“Office work” services will include advice, document preparation, document review, factual and legal research, and correspondence. No representation will be provided by the Plan in court or in any litigation situation.
In addition to office work services, the Plan does provide UAW members and retirees with full representation, including attendance at hearings, for Social Security disability applications, suspensions and terminations.
For many legal matters that are not covered under the new Plan, or that require court activity, the Plan intake staff can still process a participant’s inquiries. Such matters will be referred to outside private cooperating attorneys, who will provide legal services to Plan participants at a reduced legal rate.
Republicans are planning to break unions for good

Excellent article on the Guardian site today. A couple of excerpts:
"A national right to work law has been a pipe dream of corporate lobbyists, the chamber of commerce, the Koch brothers, and the politicians on their payroll for decades, and is about to become a reality. ...
"The main lie told by right to work proponents is that such laws put an end to “compulsory union membership.” It’s flat out false; there is no such thing, and hasn’t been since 1947, when the Taft Hartley Act made the closed shop – a type of contract where union membership was a condition of employment – illegal. Nowhere in the US, whether you’re in a right to work state or not, can you be forced to be a member of a union, or fired for refusing to join one.
"The second lie is that such laws protect workers from having their dues money go to political causes they don’t support. Nowhere in the country can you be forced to donate to a politician, campaign, or political organization you don’t support. If you’re a dues-paying union member, you already have a right to simply not donate to your union’s political fund, and plenty of union members exercise it.
Check it out at:

January Labor News uploaded
In case you missed it, the January issue of the Lansing Labor News is available above or at this link.
Local 602 Women's Int'l Day Event March 5
UAW Local 602 Women’s Committee presents
Women’s International Day Celebration

1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Guest Speaker: Gretchen Whitmer
As a former Democratic member of the Michigan Senate and Senate Democratic Leader, she's fought to protect workers’ rights and held our government officials accountable. On January 3, 2017, Whitmer announced her intention to run for Governor of Michigan in 2018 as a Democrat.
2510 W. Michigan Ave., Lansing MI 48917
Light lunch will be provided
Also see this flyer:
Download: Womens Intl Day Flyer 1-26-2017.pdf
Local 602 Taste of Black History Feb. 18

UAW Locals 602 And 2256 Civil & Human Rights Committee Present
2017 Taste Of Black History 
Black History 101
Mobile Museum 
(Founded By: Khalid El-Hakim)
The Black History 101 Mobile Museum Is An Award Winning Collection Of Over 5,000 Original Artifacts Of Black Memorabilia.
Keynote Speaker:
Professor Griff
(From Hip/Hop Group Public Enemy)
Saturday February 18, 2017
UAW Local 602
2510 W Michigan Ave
Lansing MI 48917
See also this pdf:

Download: 2017 Flyer Black history January 2017.pdf
602's Election Committee to be elected Feb. 12
SUN., FEB. 12, 2017
There will be nominations and election for the UAW Local 602 Election Committee for the 2 yr. term from March 2017 thru March 2019. The UAW Local 602 Election Committee consists of 15 members and 6 alternates. The Election will take place during the General Membership meeting.
UAW Local 602 Union Hall
LANSING, MI  48917
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