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June 24, 2024
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Local 602 Vice President Isaiah Fuler
Updated On: Sep 271, 2023

September 2023

“The UAW And the Middle Class Must Thrive!”

Our society has succumbed to a life that places the American dream in a china cabinet, in a room, in the house that nobody goes in unless they have company or its election time. We say we want change but what we need to change ourselves and start by putting the future of the working middle class citizen first. Our founders had a similar battle ahead of them and learned they had to stick together for it to get better for us all. The purpose of a union is to fight for things to get better and to ensure that those coming after you don't have to go through the same as those before them.

As time has gone on from our past and where we came from corporations and those who have wealth and are unwilling to share with those who have none; and have silently won wars using their wealth to write laws and put people in places where they could control and know they would ensure that the working class Americans would have to fight to get anything; but yet still be able to gain no ground to keep up with the rest of America.

The purpose for the American union has not changed, it's us who have been led astray and become complacent and turned on our own brothers and sisters.

We've been made to individualize so much that we have even helped politicians into office that may agree with our individual needs but in the long run affect our wallets and our families’ futures by their own greed.

There was a time where this country was booming and those who were in working families reaped the benefits of it, but then we allowed greed to come in and influence our government and our so-called leaders. Corporate American used money and other tactics to influence us to push for and or vote on laws that have come to haunt our existence.

For the longest our unions and middle-class Americans have been just surviving and being kept quite due to being given a little here and there just to make us happy and so that we exist. But are we really meant to be subservient to the wealthy corporations in this country in order to insure they stay on top and control what we can and cannot do?

I was told once that one of the greatness powers a man can have over another is when he can dictate how much money you make and what kind of lifestyle you can have. I'm not calling for a revolt or a revolution; but we as working citizens must wake up and start wanting to thrive and to prosper, develop, and grow and build for those who are in our families and communities that we care about; and for those who are in the working middle class families that we care about.

We have been put in a place blindly because of the wealthy not having empathy for their fellow man and filtering that into our heads to be the same way. I'm not saying give us hand outs and free stuff. I'm saying we have stop fighting amongst ourselves in society and in our unions to get anything done. We must not only educate ourselves but our families and our communities and show them that we can make a difference and make the American dream true for everyone and not those who just happen to stumble into wealth and only want to keep it for themselves.

As a country we can set aside billions of dollars to fund wars but when vets get homeless; we can’t fund programs to the point that they are successful and making sure no vet is homeless. Or make sure that no matter what, those who have retired don't have to worry whether they will lose their healthcare benefits.

We say we want better and want change, but we aren't willing to do what it takes to get where we should be. Corporate America has done its best to keep us to the point where we must trade time for money just to survive so we feel like we are getting somewhere but the only thing we are getting is left behind; and our families suffer because we must do it just to survive. Our kids suffer, and our communities suffer all for corporate greed.

I'm tired of just surviving and being a pawn for corporate America to get wealthy from. It's time we do what's needed to get where the working class should be. It's time we stand up and say we want to thrive.  We must Thrive for America to have a future!

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