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August 20, 2018
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March 2018: 1618 retirees

Hi out there all you wonderful people. Here we are hoping for spring. Not good here, we had lots of water. My nephew is here from Omaha and stayed a week.

Condolences to the family of Joy Hicks, age 77, a good neighbor and a true friend - loved her. Joy’s daughter Jody is married to Charles McLean, remember Andy McLean? He was a good foreman. Then I saw Mike and daughters Andree and Aimee. So good to see Andy and the kids. I know lots remember him and Mark also.

I am really upset with all these school shootings. Also, the government does a good job of “what if” or “not enough information.” Meet the parents, they should be on top of it. My kids would say how do you know, I’d say “mom’s know, that’s their job”.

On our sick list Ted Gauss was in the hospital, but home now. Barbara Casper, hospital then rehab, is home in Eaton Rapids now. We lost Al and Doris Williams for a while, but when my daughter Canda went to bingo, we knew they would know. Al cannot be alone and Doris has a pace maker. They are at Vesta Springs, Edgewood Bldg. Canda Anthony had the flu for two weeks. I had it for two days.

Our weather has been rough and bad weather hasn’t missed one state. A lot of everything. I don’t go out when it’s bad. I do get home bound and need to get out.

Haven’t heard from anyone so hope all is well and happy. I’m trying to stay ahead of the game.

I do text since talking is out, so I hope to get your text number. My cell number is 1-517-282-2292

I got letters from Roy Spencer telling me all about him and Helen’s life. Interesting.

Please drive careful. People drive so fast they don’t get there any sooner. Get up earlier. Never know what’s out there.

What’s coming up for us:

March 6, 2018 Ted’s Breakfast at Spuds on Waverly at 8:30 pm

March 14,2018 Retirees luncheon, eat at noon Jerry Hunts B/D

April 11,2018 Retirees luncheon

April 27,2018 LAFCU 6:00pm at Royal Scot on Grand River

May 9,2018 1618 buy our lunch at HIVACHI across from Lansing mall. 12 noon meeting

June 5,2018 Ted’s Breakfast at 8:30am Spuds on Waverly

Happy Birthday to All! Canda Anthony, Connie Dunn, Minnie Gills, Doris Williams, Bill Anthony. God bless. Have a great day and till we meet again, keep smiling.

December 2018: 1618 retirees

Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We are going to Indiana for a week.
The Christmas potluck and meeting will be on December 13 at noon, at the Local 1753 Hall on St Joe. Don’t forget to remember! (ha ha)
Ted’s breakfast at Spud’s will be on January 9 at 8:30 a.m.. Call Ted for more more info. See you there.
We will have no more pancake breakfasts at the hall, as it just didn’t pan out.
To all on our sick list, you are in our prayers. Dick Raffler got a new knee. Hanna Fox had the flu. Me, I’m doing okay, I guess.
Condolences to the families of: Barbara Wasalaski, my relation. She leaves her husband Pat. And Linda Burns, who died in my son Bill Anthony’s arms. And Sharon Roiter, the Brookfield Township clerk. What will we do without her? She ran the township. I will miss her. When I needed something, she always helped me. She leaves her mom, Mrs. Powers, who is 95.
Connie has trips going, so call and find out about them: 517-232-2146. Very good times.
I hope you all have a merry Christmas and happy New Year.
The area retirees council got me a brick in Flint to be put by the world ball. I would like to thank the council for this.
My phone is 517-543-5385.
Till we meet again, keep smiling.

September 2017

Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
I just got me a new walker, which I needed. Lucky me. I sure like to go out in my little pontoon boat. If you want a ride, come on over.
Once again, the Area Retirees Council did a great job with the annual luncheon. Good food, lots of drawings, good friends, lots of laughs and hugs. My daughter Mariann Anthony said the prayer. Plan to be there next year, the retirees are the best! We are all a little sassy and a little older, but that’s okay! Our thanks to all who made it to the event.
Condolences to the family of Helen Estell Cleeves at age 75. A good friend, as was her daughter Debbie.
Condolences to the family of Richard Benjamin Smith, age 78. He leaves his wife of 55 years, Arlene, who worked at LAFCU. His father-in-law was Maynard Kempf. Whenever they sent him back to Plant 2, he would bring two donuts—one for him and one for me on our break. He will be missed.
Condolences to the family of Joyce Coats, a good neighbor and wonderful friend. She sold Watkins for years and I was her best customer. She was loved by many.
We received a thank-you from the family of Claude Harris.
Travel Committee trips are on: Myrtle Beach Show trip and Charleston, South Carolina, October 1-7 and October 8-14, both leaving from Lansing.
Someone took the American flag at Chapel Hill, but I see it’s been replaced. Thanks, Dick Torgerson.
Our September meeting had pizza and salad.
On September 23 we had our pancake breakfast and bake sale. Thanks to all who took part.
On October 11 we will have our Halloween luncheon.
On November 8, the veterans’ memorial, Thanksgiving luncheon, and holiday auction.
December 13, the Christmas luncheon.
Till we meet again, keep smiling.

May 2017

Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
We have a trip going to Four Winds casino on the train on August 3. It’s $57 for seniors and $67 for others; you do not have to be a member to go. Call Connie Dunn to get on the list, at 517-323-2146. She will take care of you.
May birthdays were: Willie Anthony, doris Williams, Betty Varney, Minnie Gill, Tim DeCorte, Jorden Fox, Jade Fox, and me, Lois Schultz with the big Nine-O – 90!
Anniversaries: Nolan and Ardie Douglas, 65 years; Dick and Barbara Kline, 49 years.
We will be playing Bingo after our retirees meeting on June 14. We do have a good time!
The Area Retirees Luncheon will be at the Royal Scot on August 8, doors open at 11:00 a.m., eat at noon.
Dan Bryant stopped by to see me. He goes to Florida in the winter.
Condolences to the family of Richard Slocum. He leaves his wife Millie.
On our sick list: Jim McInnon’s wife has been under the weather this past winter. Ben Smith is in hospice. He was a welder. He worked in all the plants.
The Lawyers
A new case can be opened by calling 1-800-482-7700. Eligible participants will include active and retired UAW-represented employees at FCA, Ford, and GM and their surviving spouses.
Services include: wills and trusts, purchase or sale of residential real property, uncontested family matters, contracts for goods or services, birth and marriage certificates, power of attorney, deeds, credit reporting, residential lease, and name changes.
“Office work” services will include advice, document preparation, document review, factual and legal research, and correspondence. No representation will be provided by the Plan in court or in any litigation situation. In addition to office work services, the Plan does provide UAW members and retirees with full representation, including attendance at hearings, for Social Security disability applications, suspensions and terminations. For many legal matters that are not covered under the new Plan, or that require court activity, the Plan intake staff can still process a participant’s inquiries. Such matters will be referred to outside private cooperating attorneys, who will provide legal services to Plan participants at a reduced legal rate.
My phone is 517-543-5385. I want to thank all my friends at the plant, at LAFCU, retirees, and Area Council, and Harold and Tim at the Labor News. What wonderful friends.

March 2017

Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
We still meet the second Wednesday of the month (except in August). We eat at noon, have a meeting, then play bingo, with our new bingo machine.
I went to stay with Jim and Celia Anthony in Grand Ledge for two weeks. Celia takes good care of me. Their daughter Jessica Anthony just got a new house in Lansing.
Most people can’t hear me when I try to talk, as my vocal cord is paralyzed on the left side. But I can still write the column to let you know what is happening!
We have had lots of calls about the new legal service. It is now called UAW-FCA-Ford-General Motors Legal Service. The plan went into effect on January 27. So write their number down: 1-800-482-7700.
The Region 1D Retiree Travel Committee will have trips to Myrtle Beach in October and an Alaska cruise in August. See the Travel box on this page.
If you need our benefits rep, Joe Sagy, he is a good one to call: 517-372-7201 or 1-800-782-6513. He will call you back.
There could be a casino trip to Mount Pleasant, Odawa, Turtle Creek, Traverse City. $101.50 for non-members, $51.50 for dues-paying members. We need 40 people. Call Connie Dunn at 517-323-2146.
Happy birthday: Jerry Hunt, March 14; Ted Gauss; Artie Douglas in February; Bud and Jan Miller, February 22; Dick Torgerson; and in April, Canda Anthony and Connie Dunn.
Happy anniversary in January to Bud and Jan Miller, 48 years!
Ted’s breakfast will be on March 21 at Spud’s restaurant on Waverly. Call Ted at 517-321-4751.
Lester Altoft was 83 on February 27. Marv Baker went to see him. He was fine, but having some difficulty taking care of his sick wife, so his daughter comes and helps.
Bill Prestman called to say hi to all from the U.P.
Condolences to the family of Gary Thomas, who passed away at age 78. He went to live in Florida about five years ago. He leaves his wife Dolores. He worked at Plant 2 for 39 years.
Condolences to the family of Jerry Earl Green, Sr., 78. He leaves his wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Pa Green was a great neighbor to us and he will be missed.
Condolences to the family of Joe Bancroft, who passed at age 74 and leaves his wife Vickie.

January 2017

Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
It hope it’s fine in your neck of the woods. December weather was bad, couldn’t even go to Omaah. Canda would have had an extra driver, but they backed out.
Local 1618 and the area retirees council went together to purchase a brick to honor Curtis Dunn at the sit-downers memorial in Flint.
Joe Sagy says the lawyers are coming sometime, working on it.
If you are interested in a trip, we will have lots to choose from: Myrtle Beach-Charleston, North Carolina, October 1-7. Alaska in August. Connie Dunn is waiting for your call at 517-323-2146. She is a good organizer.
Region 1D’s meeting at 9:30 a.m. Will then have a sit-downers luncheon at 11:00 a.m. It’s at 812 Lieth Street in Flint.
The menu for our February 11 meeting will be soup and salad in honor of the sit-downers. We eat at noon. Bring yourself and friends and a dish to pass. What fun you’ll have. We’ll play Bingo and we have a new machine that makes it easier on those who have to carry it. We’re not as young as we once were, that’s why we need you younger people to come. We don’t bite!
Hanna Fox is our new retirees chair. Welcome, we know you’ll do us proud.
On our sick list: Connie Gauss with knee trouble. Judy Hunt went to emergency with a bad case of pneumonia.
Birthdays: Bud Miller, Jim Anthony, Ester Renault, Marvin Baker, Michael Tousley, Linda Burns.
Condolences to the family of Richard Kline on the loss of his brother.
Condolences to the family of Benjamin Allen, who passed away on December 22, leaving his wife Joan. He was Big Ben to me, a good person to all. We will miss him.
Condolences to the family of Dora Eva Behl. She worked at Bingo.
Does anyone remember John or Paul Adams? They worked at Plant 2 in the 70’s. They were both electricians. If you do, please call Andy Schmichle at 417-459-7168.
Phone numbers to remember:
Lois Schultz: 517-543-5385.
Joe Sagy: 800-282-6513 or 517-372-7201
Hanna Fox: 517-719-4559
I hope the new year is good to you. I pulled something and am recovering from that, so be careful out there!

December 2016

Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
I would like to honor my good friend Chairman Curtis Dunn, who passed away on October 31. He was 88 years young. We were his union family. He leaves his wife Connie; they have always been best friends with an unselfish love. He loved to cook and did the retirees’ luncheon and for family and friends. He also loved to bowl was part of a team at Royal Scot. He was always happy to see us all. He truly cared. He was special to many people and we will miss him greatly.
Years ago when walking in the mall I asked Curtis to come to the retirees meeting and he did and has been there ever since, cooking and caring. Many came to say good-bye to him and he would have been proud. Condolences to his wife Connie, family, and many friends.
Condolences to the families of: Carl Stump, who passed away in August. He lived in St. Johns and leaves his wife Shirley. Also to the family of Jack Callahan from Evert, Michigan, who passed away in August and leaves his wife Lois.
Don’t forget our retirees meeting and potluck, every second Wednesday of the month, except August, when we have the area luncheon.
At Christmas time we help many. So remember our neighbors if they need a helping hand. The Rescue Mission needs lots of thing, including: men’s razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Kleenex packs or boxes, nail clippers, Men’s undershirts XL-2XL, women’s socks, and underwear for women, girls and boys.
Thank you, Jean Caudill, for the hats and mittens you make. So glad you are back in Michigan.
On our sick list: Mel Place got a knee replaced. He said it hurt! Have you talked to Big Ben Alen?
Lois Callander is at her daughter’s in Bath after a hip operation after she fell.
Now that the election is over, we know we must all stick together as Americans do. As Tiny Tim always said, God bless everyone.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. I won’t be at the Christmas luncheon as I am going to Omaha, Nebraska for a wedding on the 10th. See ya in 2017 and I will tell you all about it. Till we meet again, keep smiling.

September 2016

The third annual area luncheon was held at the Royal Scot in August. Once again they did great. There were a lot of good prizes. Chaplain Marriann Anthony said the prayer in place of Chaplain Don Sleeman who was under the weather.
A few things to remember:
October 9-16 – Region 1D trip to Savannah, Georgia
October 12 – Halloween luncheon. Dress up.
November 9 – Veterans memorial. Also, Thanksgiving luncheon.
December 14 – Christmas luncheon.
If I don’t have your cell phone number, I’d like to get it. In case something comes up, I can always text you. My cell is 517-282-2292. That way you’ll be in the know.
I hope you all have your absentee ballots for the election, as this is the easy way.
If you get mail from the UAW Retirees Trust, read it carefully, it could be important. I am taking mine to Meijer to make sure I am participating in their pharmacy. $12 in 2016, $14 in 2017. Your flu, pneumonia, shingles or TAP immunizations. Remember, the pharmacy must participate in Express Scripts.
Condolences to the families of: Richard Gyger, who leaves his wife Dorothy; Jerry Raymond; John Rose; and Arthur Colark, who leaves his wife Thea.
Claude Harris at 96 made our luncheon. What a guy!
Happy birthday to: Claude Harris, Lois Dyer, Leo Gray, and Charlie Carr, who turns 70 in October.
Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Carr. 49 years!
We have a new flag at the veterans memorial at Chapel Hill on Grand River. Stop and see it.
We will be getting a new bingo machine which will be easier to handle.
I’d like to thank all who came to my party. It was a good one. Love you all.
Walter Reuther, who was our UAW president from 1945 to 1970, said, “We happen to believe that the American labor movement is a movement dedicated to human service and its people. If people want to copy the ethics and morality of the marketplace, then these people should be kicked out of the American labor movement.”
Till we meet again, keep smiling.

May 2016

Hi out there, all you wonderful people. There’s lots happening for the retirees:
May 10-18 – Region 1D western train trip
May 11 – Luncheon
May 15 – birthday for Lois Schultz
On Sunday, May 15, my daughter Canda Anthony and friends and nephews are having an 89th birthday party for me at the American Legion Post 42 at 1000 W. Law-rence Ave, Charlotte, MI from noon until 6:00 p.m. Eat at 2:00 p.m. Doug Pringle will play again, for dancing, and it should be a good time. This was a surprise to me, but I hope to see lots of you there. We sent out lots of invitations and got some back. If you didn’t get one, you are invited anyway. Call my house at 517-543-1344. I can’t talk well on the phone because I lost my voice, but Canda will talk for me.
Dick and Barbara Kline will have a 40th anniversary party on June 5 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. at Windsor Estates, 6661 Canal Road at the clubhouse. RSVP by May 20 to 517-646-6831.
June 7 – Ted’s breakfast, 8:30 a.m. at Guerrazzi’s Restaurant on Business 27 in DeWitt Township. You can call Ted at 517-321-4754.
Maryann Sanders is giving a 90th birthday party for Gene on June 10 at 6:00 p.m. at Mount Hope Church. Call Maryann at 517-285-0921.
March birthdays were: Ted Gauss, Jerry Hunt, Noland Douglas. April birthdays: Mary Lou McHaney, Canda Anthony, Bill Anthony, Doris Williams, Lois Schultz, and Minnie Gills.
From Joe Sagy: If a doctor doesn’t accept Medicare, it won’t be approved and you pay. So make sure you check. Also, attorneys are not up and running yet.
Dan Ruby called to see how we all are. His wife is much better.
On our sick list: Gordie Bowerman is not doing good. Ben Allen is not walking and would like folks to see him on Facebook or whatever they do. Give it a try. Bless our sick.
Condolences to the families of: Ken Taylor, 89, a welder. Paul Foster, brother to Michie Foster Hunt. Gary Alan Hunt, son of Beveryly Hunt. Monty Whipple, a pipefitter. John (Thunder) Lewis, who worked in Personnel and played football for MSU. Jewells Stanford, 77. Terry Stranton, 73, leaves his wife Linda; he was a tinner. God bless all.
Till we meet again, keep smiling.

January 2016

Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
Condolences to the family of Dorothy Stevens. She will be missed. A wonderful person who was devoted to her 602 retirees and the UAW and what they stood for. Something we should all remember.
We received a thank-you from Dick and Millie Slocum. Jean Caudill sent us a Christmas card. She will see us when the weather is better.
The Region 1D travel committee will have a western train trip May 10-18 and a trip to Savannah, Georgia in October.
Local 1618 retirees will have a northern casino trip March 23-24. Call Connie Dunn on all travel questions, she will help you. Her number is 517-323-2146. We do have lots of fun on these trips.
Happy birthday in December: Sue Figle—missed her. Calvin Smith, Tom Sutton, Dick Gyer, Noland Douglas, Curtis Dunn. Don’t mean to forget anyone, but you do have to let me know. Bud Miller, Dick Torgerson, and Jan Miller.
Happy anniversary to Bud and Jan Miller—47 years of being with his one and only bride.
2016 proposed calendar of events
January 30-31 – Region 1D bowling tournament
February 10 – Valentine luncheon: soup, salad, dessert
March 1 – Ted’s breakfast, Guerrazzi’s restaurant, 8:30 a.m.
March 9 – St. Patrick’s luncheon
March 23-24 – Northern casino trip for retirees
April 13 – Easter luncheon
April 29 – LAFCU annual meeting at Royal Scot, 6:00 p.m.
May 10-18 – Region 1D western train trip
May 11 – Luncheon
June 7 – Ted’s breakfast, 8:30 a.m.
June 8 – Cook-out luncheon
July 13 – Luncheon and no-bake bake sale
September 14 – Luncheon
September 17 – Pancake breakfast
September 23 – Euchre tournament at Local 652
October 9-16 – Savannah, Georgia Region 1D trip
October 12 – Halloween luncheon
November 9 – Veterans memorial, Thanksgiving luncheon, holiday auction
December 14 – Christmas luncheon
So good to see Art Sharp and Nick Franko. Please return.
My phone number is 517-543-5385. Till we meet again, keep smiling.

December 2015

Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
As November 11 was Veterans Day, we met at Chapel Hill for the Veterans Memorial ceremony. Lots of our members took part in the ceremony, including Ted Gauss, as he is our chaplain. Also, Chairman Curtis Dunn, Dick Raffler and daughter Jill, Jerry Hunt, Tom Walker, and Marv Baker all read a part of history. Dale Harkins read and played Taps. Bob Harrington showed up also. Our retirees are so great.
The flagpole with the names of those who were in WWII can be seen from Airport Road. Chapel Hill folks did a great job restoring it a few years back. If you have time, stop and take a look. Plant 2, the old force, or Craft Center. It was home to all of us.
Condolences to the family of Richard Stroud. He worked at Plant2, then went to Plant 4.
Condolences to our family on the loss of John and Pam Smith, who died October 20 in Ocala, Florida as the result of a motorcycle crash.
We had breakfast at Guerazzi’s and 34 showed up. I was disappointed that more didn’t show. Remember Dale Perkins? When he read about us last year, he told me he was going to make it this year—and he did. Good to see him, all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas. Thanks for coming, Dale. He rode his motorcycle, how great!
As we get older, it seems we have problems. Chairman Dunn has heart problems, Bud Miller a back operation, Jan Miller knees, and Margaret Mathews also knee. Wayne Owens, heart problem, too. To all on our sick list, God bless.
We had our breakfast at Local 1753. Not many made it. Well, there is always next year.
In May, 2016 there will be a Region 1D western train tour. There will also be a Savannah bus trip, four nights, 10 meals. You do not have to be a union member to go. Call Connie Dunn at 517-323-2146.
We will have an overnight casino trip in March or April. You can Connie about that, too.
The Christmas luncheon will be on December 9. Come join us.
Joe Sagy says the $500 gift check [in the new contract] is a one-time deal for UAW retirees only.
Happy anniversary to Tom and Jan Walker, 54 years on November 11.
Happy October birthday to Jean Caudill and Judy Hunt. December birthdays: Hanna Fox, Diana Zelenka, Jessie Anthony, Mariann Anthony, Juan Mendez and Papa Mendez.
Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. Till we meet again, keep smiling.

September 2015
Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
As you know by now, there is no more UAW-GM lawyers program. There is an Elder Care number at 800-372-3484. Write it down.
I hope you all made it to the picnic.
Big trips coming. Amtrak to Four Winds on September 10. Be there at 7:00 a.m., leave at 8:00 a.m.
October 4: New Orleans/Pigeon Forge.
October 23: Region 1D trip to New Orleans if you missed the first.
May 16, 2016: Region 1D western train tour. 50 people needed. If interested in this or other trips, call Connie Dunn at 517-323-2146.
I got invited to the 75th Girls State at MSU, as I was one of the first in 1940 when they started it. They couldn’t find any others who went. Dee Schraegle told Beryl Robbins, 2015 chairperson of the Michigan American Legion Auxiliary’s Girls State, about me. When Dee was Girls State Chair in Grand Ledge, I told her that I went years ago, but to U of M. They were all anxious to meet me. When I got done with my speech, I got a standing ovation! One girl came up to me and said I want to be like you when I grow up. Thanks to all the ALA ladies who invited me, and to Dee, who picked me up and took me home. Life is good.
We have tickets on sale for the pancake breakfast and bake sale on September 19, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Local 1753 hall, 3204 W. St. Joseph St. There will be all-you-can-eat pancakes, sausage, hash browns, eggs, juice and coffee. Bring a friend. Price is $6 for adults, $3 for kids under 12. it takes lots of volunteers to make it happen.
Condolences to the families of Herm Derbin, 80; Max Gardener, 92; Arnie DeFeyter, 81; Bud Hall leaves his wife Ann. He was an electrician at the shop. Macfissa Franke at 68, wife of Franko. Harry Henderson passed away at age 90 in his home. We will miss Harry. Frieda Docter at 93.
On our sick list or getting better: Ted Gauss, Noland Douglas, Hanna Fox, Jan Miller, Bud Miller, Bruce Soule, and Jim Van Dorpe’s wife.
Happy anniversary to Joe and Diana Sagy, 5 years; Noland and Ardie Douglas, 63 years; Dick and Sue Torgeson, 54 years; Jerry and Judy Hunt, 60 years.
Ted Gauss’ breakfast will be on October 20 at 8:30 a.m. at Guerrazzi’s Restaurant, 15643 Old U.S. 27, DeWitt Township. Ted’s phone is 517-321-4754.
September 9 – lunch: pizza, salad, dessert
September 19 – pancake breakfast and bake sale
October 14 – Halloween lunch: meatballs
October ? – Region 1D trip
November 11 – veterans’ memorial and Thanksgiving lunch
December 9 – Christmas lunch
I hope I spelled things right. If not, our next issue will be in December. I like to hear from you, this is how I get the news. My phone is 517-543-5385.
Till we meet again, keep smiling.

May 2015

Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
Ted’s breakfast will be at 8:30 a.m. on June 2 at Guerrazzi’s Restaurant on Business 27 in DeWitt Township.
Condolences to the family of James Noland. He was going on 74 years. Memorial at Harrison, Michigan at 2:00 pm. On June 13. Dinner to follow. He leaves his wife Betty. She said God bless the Union. How great!
Condolences to the family of Basil (Andy) Anderson. He worked in the foundry.
Condolences to the family of Everett O. Barlond. Born March 3, 1943,, passed on February 19, 2015. He was a good friend to all.
On our sick list: Bud Hall is in Eaton County Facility on Sunshine Lane, Room 204; Bud Miller has a bad back; Jerry Hunt fell; and Betty Groh. Please take care and get better soon.
Happy birthdays to Dick Torgerson, Jerry Hunt, Ardie Douglas. April: Canda Anthony, Connie Dunn. May: Doris Williams, Lois Schultz, Bill Anthony; June: Tim DeCorte and Jack Calahan.
Happy anniversary to Ted and Connie Gauss, and Dick and Barb Kline.
May 13 – luncheon
May 15 – luncheon at World Buffet
June 2 – Ted’s breakfast, 8:30
June 10 – cook-out luncheon
July 19-20, Region 1D golf outing in Flint
July 8 – no-bake bake sale and luncheon
September 9 – luncheon, pizzas
Region 1D will have two trips in October, one to New Orleans and one to Pigeon Forge. And a big train  trip in May of 2016 (so you’ll have time to save up). They need 50 people on that one. Call Connie Dunn at 517-323-2146.
She will be glad to help and to hear form you.
Proposal 1, the tax to repair road, but you should really think about it. 40%? Right. Where will the money go?
My sister-in-law Johanna Fulton Schafer passed away at the age of 81. She was very dear to me. They are having a memorial on June 28. It will be in lots of the papers, her son Steve told me.
What a winter it was for me; couldn’t leave the house for days. It does look better, the grass is green. Life is good anyway.
Till we meet again, keep smiling. My phone is 517-543-5385.

January 2015

Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
Please put on your calendars: TED’S BREAKFAST at 8:30 a.m. on MARCH 3 at Guerrazzi’s Restaurant, 15643 Old U.S. 27, Lansing, MI 48906. [Iin DeWitt Township, a bit north of State Road.] There will also be a breakfast June 2, same time and place.
Remember our monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of the month. Bring a dish to pass, we eat at noon.
Our sick list includes many with the bad flu.
Curtis Dunn is back after a quick recovery. He went to the hospital twice in one day and ended up with a triple bypass. He’s doing great.
Jerry Hunt fell and is in rehab, will be there a spell. Ted Gauss fell in Florida. Jerry and Shirley Raymond are back home. Larry Smith is on the mend.
John Dennison had mini strokes but is better. He also broke his heel and has a plate. Bud Miller’s back has given him lots of trouble.
Thanks to Barbara Kline for taking place while on the cruise. It was a great trip; me and my three-wheeler got all over the ship. I gave Jeannie and Juan Mendez away. She was a beautiful bride. We all had a part in the wedding. St. Thomas and St. Martin were awesome. My daughter Mariann Anthony went as my buddy. There were eighteen in our group. We danced, laughed, and ate lots of food. Good times!
The Cape Cod trip was a big success with eight buses. Great job by Connie Dunn! They are working on a new big trip in October. Connie also has a casino trip March 24-25 to Mount Pleasant, Petoskey, Traverse City, staying at Holiday Inn Express, includes breakfast and shuttle service. Call Connie to get your name on the list at 517-323-2146.
We received a thank-you from the Old Newsboys for our donation.
Happy birthday to: Curtis Dunn, Bud Miller, Marvin Baker, Jim Anthony, Juan Mendez, Richard Zelenka, Jan Miller, Papa Mendez, and Calvin Smith.
Happy anniversary to: Richard and Dianna Zelenka, 51 years in February; Bud and Jan Miller, 46 years; and Papa and Mama Mendez, 50 years.
Condolences to the family of Arlie Caudill. He leaves his wife Jean and daughter Juanita, and two grandchildren, Hunter and Paige. He will be missed.
2015 proposed calendar
February 11 – Valentine lunch, soup
March 3 – Ted’s breakfast, 8:30, Guerrazzi’s
March 11 – St. Patrick’s lunch
March 24-25 – northern casino trip
April 8 – Easter lunch
April 17 – euchre tournament, 8:00 a.m., Local 602
April 24 – LAFCU reception, Royal Scot
May 13 – lunch
May 15 – lunch at World Buffet
June 2 – Ted’s breakfast, 8:30
More on this in the May issue!
Thanks to all who make this a great Local 1618 retirees chapter. We need every one of us working together.
Have a great 2015! Till we meet again, keep smiling. My phone is 517-543-5385.

December 2014

Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
I was really disappointed in the election, because so many people did not vote. So save your money, we will need it.
Ted Gauss’ breakfast will be on December 9 at Guerrazzi’s Restaurant on Business 27 in DeWitt Township. I will be out of town on a cruise, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you in 2015!
Remember, we are now Region 1D, a good thing, I hope.
A gambling trip has been proposed for March, with no specific date yet. Get hold of Connie Dunn, if interested, at 517-323-2146.
The new flag at the veterans’ memorial is flying high. Go down Airport Road and take a look. You’ll love it too.
Don’t forget clothing and food for the food bank. People out there need this.
Our charitable contributions are: Hospice House, St. Lawrence, the City Mission, the Food Bank, VFW Honor Guard, Children’s Backpacks, nursing homes, and breast cancer. Thank you to Jean Caudill for all the hats and mittens she knitted.
On our sick list
Curtis Dunn had a three-way bypass and seems to be doing better.
As of this writing, Noland Douglas was in Sparrow; Brent Newman was in Ann Arbor in intensive care.
Condolences to the families of: Gary Sunkin, 79; Tony Koskoski, 79; Duane Smith, 62; and Fred Grumday, who worked with Dale Trierweiler.
Bud Hall is in foster care in New Haven, 230 Hocha Ct, Dimondale, MI 48821.
Happy birthday to: Harry Henderson, 90; Bill Hagan, the big 100; Roy Pammer, also 100; Sue Torgason; Tom Walker; Dick Kline; Judy Hunt’ Barb Harkins’ Barb Kline; Tom Sutton, 90; Hanna Fox;Celia Anthony; Jessica Antony; Dianna Zelenka; Mariann Anthony; and James Anthony.
Happy anniversary to: Jan and Tom Walker, who were married 53 years on November 11; and to Dick and Sue Torgason, 49 years.
Let’s hope all will be better next year, and that the winter will be better than last. It sure has come early. Till we meet again, keep smiling. My phone is 517-543-5385. Call me with news.

September 2014
Hi out there, all you wonderful people.
Remember Don Wade, aka  “Red?” He gave me a call and said hi to all of you out there. He wanted to know if I had all my ducks in a row because we’re all getting up there. This is true. But life is good.
Lois Dyer gave me this prayer which I really enjoyed:
Lord, thank You for another day,
Within this life of mine
Give me the strength to live it well,
Whatever I may find
Bestow from Your abundance,
Whatever I may lack
To use the hours wisely,
For I cannot have them back
Lord thank you for another day,
In which to make amends
For little slights or petty words,
Inflicted on my friends
For sometimes losing patience,
With problems that I find,
For seeing faults in other lives,
But not the ones in mine
 Lord thank You for another chance,
In which to try to be
A little more deserving
Of the gifts You’ve given me
 For yesterday is over,
And tomorrow’s far away,
And I remain committed,
To the good I do today!
by Grace E. Easley
This just about said it all and hopefully I can live up to it.
Happy birthday: Lois Dyer and Leo Gray.
Happy anniversary: Dick and Dorothy Gyger, 36 years.
The final payment  for the Cape Cod trip is due. Buses going from Lansing and Flint had 334 signed up at last count. Contact Connie Dunn about this at 517-323-2146. Also call her if you have ideas for other trips.
The regional retirees’ luncheon was a great one, with about 220 in attendance. You know, we do have a few rules about this: no children, and only UAW retirees and their mate. Let us know how you felt about this luncheon. I really liked it myself.
On September 20 we will have our pancake breakfast and bake sale. We need workers, baked goods, and craft items. We sell cookies by the bakers dozen, cupcakes, breads, candy, pies, or whatever you care to make. Candy the Clown will be there to call people in. It sounds like fun, and the food is downright good.
Condolences to the family of Jerry Sunkin on the loss of his wife Karen at age 72. Condolences to the family of Jim Glenn, 88 years old. Condolences to the family of Ivan Wooder, 88 years old.
Ron Haag plays cards  with a 100-year-old man who used to run the No. 1 upsetter at the GM plant. I bet he knew the history and the one and only Bill Hagan.
I will vote for Mark Schauer for Governor. All Mark’s life he has been Michigan tough. His dad was a teacher, his mom a nurse. By pumping gas and flipping burgers he worked his way through Albion College. In Congress Mark worked to pass tougher buy-American laws and to rescue Michigan’s auto industry. Mark says we need an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected.
Till we meet again, keep smiling. My phone is 517-543-5385.

May 2014
Hi our there, all you wonderful people. What a day! Blue skies, white clouds—can’t ask for anything else. And me on the deck enjoying it all, that’s the best part, after last summer. I sure appreciate my home. You’re welcome to come out and join me. Most don’t want to leave, that’s what’s so special. Here come the pontoons!
Election of officers: Our one contested office is vice chair, with Ted Gauss and Hanna Fox running. No one is running against Chairman Curtis Dunn, Treasurer Jerry Hunt, Recording Secretary Lois Schultz, Sergeant-at-Arms Doris Williams, Trustees Leo Gray, Dick Torguson, Dick Raffler, and Chaplain Ted Gauss. Best to all of us.
Greg Brunett from Local 602 retirees was voted in for Sergeant-at-Arms for the Region 1C retirees.
I am now back with the area council and Region 1C area wide retirees. The area-wide picnic this year will be at noon on August 12 at Royal Scot on Grand River. This is an indoor, sitdown “picnic.” You do not have to bring a dish to pass! Sign in at the door. See you there!
On the sick list: Dorothy Stevens, the Local 602 Retirees Chair; and Jerry Raymond, who is bedridden. Get well soon to all who are sick and on the mend.
Good to see at the potluck and meeting: Jean and Arlie Caudell from down south, Claude Harris, Jim Seidelman. Everyone looks great.
I am headed for Black Lake May 27-30. This is a political meeting, as the upcoming election is important to the poor and working class. The Tea Party has really taken over the Republican Party, lots of money to be had.
After the UAW Convention in Detroit in June, Regions 1C and 1D will merge. I will keep you updated.
Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Willie Hudson, 70 years together; and to Mr. and Mrs. Dick Kline, 38 years together.
Happy birthday to Claude Harris, 94; and Tim DeCorte.
The Region 1C trip to Cape Cod is up and ready. I understand they have three buses.
Connie Dunn needs suggestions on trips. If you get ideas, we could use them.
June 3 – Ted’s breakfast, same place and time
June 11 – cookout luncheon at noon
July 9 – No-bake bake sale and luncheon
August 12 – Region 1C area-wide retirees luncheon, noon, Royal Scot
September 10 – luncheon at noon
September 16 – Tigers game, if enough want to go
September 20 – pancake breakfast and bake sale. We need lots of cakes, cookies, breads or whatever. Bring it in, and stop and have breakfast.
October 8 – Halloween luncheon, dress up!
Budget bills moving through the state legislative process near the end of May include these contentious issues: Proposed closing of WJ Maxey Boys Training School, whose employees are represented by UAW Local 6000. MSU penalties for labor classes; schools still being shortchanged; a lower minimum wage bill; many more.
I know I need the UAW and the union is very important to me. I am middle class and they have been good to me in raising my children. So thank you to the UAW, the best union around.
Remember, people, a day at the lake is priceless. Have a safe summer. Till we meet again, keep smiling.
My address is 3009 Luella Ln, Springport, MI 49284. My phone is 517-543-5385.

April 2014
Here is our events calendar. Please put this on your calendar or where you will be sure to find it. We do have fun!
June 3 – Ted’s breakfast, same place and time
June 11 – cookout luncheon at noon
July 9 – No-bake bake sale and luncheon
August 12 – Region 1C area-wide retirees luncheon, noon, Royal Scot
September 10 – luncheon at noon
September 16 – Tigers game, if enough want to go
September 20 – pancake breakfast and bake sale. We need lots of cakes, cookies, breads or whatever. Bring it in, and stop and have breakfast.
October 8 – Halloween luncheon, dress up!
October 12 – Region 1C Cape Cod casino trip
October 21 – Irish Hills to take place of the fall color tour
November 12 – veterans memorial, Thanksgiving dinner, and holiday auction
December 10 – Christmas luncheon at noon
Call Connie Dunn on trips.
Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stump, and Andy and Betty Hudson on 62 golden years.
Happy birthday to Ray Promer (100 years young!)—Andy Hudson, Jim Shower, Glenn Smith spent the day with him. Also to Dick Slocum, 88; Dick Raffler, 84, Dan Ruby, 77. In May: Lois Schultz and Doris Williams.
Michigan House Bill 4643 would allow employers to obtain an automatic injunction form circuit court against picketing activity without first having to prove irreparable harm, as is currently the case. In other words, the bill would seek to financially intimidate workers from expressing their constitutional right to protest unfair working conditions. Individual picketers could be fined $1,000 a day. Call or write your state representative now to tell them to oppose HB 4643. The Republicans can’t leave well enough alone.
The Mission needs lots of stuff: cereal, fresh fruit, jelly, jam, body wash, shaving cream, size 4 diapers, new pillows, sheet sets (twin and long), copy paper.
It seems to me that the people in office just want to mess the working class and take all our rights away from us. Every time you think things are fine, they come up with something else. What do you think? The union has been good to me. 
Till we meet again, keep smiling.
March 2014
We had a breakfast on March 4. I called all that I have on my list; if I don’t have your cell or home number, I can’t get hold of you. I know lots of you like the breakfast, so call me so I can keep in touch: 517-543-5385.
Connie Dunn is on the Region 1-C Travel Committee, which will have a trip to Cape Cod in October. They’re also thinking of a trip to New Orleans. Call Connie if interested at 517-323-2146.
April 9 – Easter luncheon
April 25 – LAFCU annual meeting at 6:00 p.m. at Royal Scot.
April 30 – euchre tournament at Local 602 hall
May 14 – luncheon
June 3 – Ted’s breakfast, same place and time
June 11 – cookout luncheon
July 9 – No-bake bake sale
August 11 – area retirees’ picnic
September 10 – luncheon
September 16 – Tigers game
September 20 – pancake breakfast and bake sale
Nomination of our officers will be on April 9, and the election on May 14.
The hearing aid benefit increased $1,500—2,000.
Joe Sagy comes to all our meetings,  if you want to see him. His phone number is 517-372-7201.
Condolences to the families of: James Gleason, 65; Max House, 70; Geraldine Hodge, 92, grandmother of Ron Hodge and mother-in-law of Charlie Carr.
Happy 50th anniversary to Richard and Dianna Zelenka.
Birthdays: March: Ted Gauss, Jerry Hunt, and Sue Figle. February: Richard Zelenka, Connie Gauss, Dick Torgeson, Joe Sagy, Dianna Sagy, and Juan Mendez. April: Connie Dunn, Jill Raffler, Canda Anthony, Debbie Snell, Minnie Gill. May: Doris Williams, Bill Anthony, and me, Lois Schultz.
Charlie Carr had surgery in December on his neck.

February 2014
Hi out there all you wonderful people.
Ted Gauss’ Breakfast will be on Tuesday, March 4 at 9:00 a.m. at Guerrazzi’s Restaurant, on old 27 in DeWitt Township. Call Ted for information at 517-321-4754.
Election for officers: get your name in if interested in running.
Of course, you have heard that the Governor is running again. You’ve seen these ads about the Governor and new jobs. Then why do we have so many without? Homeless, living in streets, in cars, can’t pay bills. Hard times. Mark Schauer is for the working class like you and me.
I can’t believe that they called me for jury duty at age 86. I told them what’s the matter with me, but haven’t heard back yet.
Yes, we have a surplus—on the backs of us retirees. The people with the most don't have to worry. We sure have our work cut out for us.
On our sick list
Bev Hunt has been in the hospital, and is home now.
Charlie Carr had a bad time of it, but is doing better.
While in Florida, Ted Gauss fell and broke his kneecap. He’ll be home soon.
I’m using a walker now.
Condolences to the family of Max House, age 70. He was an electrician.
Associate dues are due in January. See Jerry Hunt. Those that haven’t paid have to pay full price for our outings. We work hard for extra money for outings and charities.
We’re working on trips for 2014. If you have ideas, call Connie Dunn at 517-323-2146. Come join the fun.
Happy anniversary to Richard and Dianna Zelenka on their 50th. Best always to my dear friends.
Happy birthday to Ted Gauss, Jerry Hunt, Canda Anthony, Jimmy Anthony, Connie Gauss, Linda Burns, Sue Figle (sorry, Sue), and Jill Raffler.
Don’t forget our meetings on the second Wednesday of the month—March 12 and April 9.
LAFCU’s annual meeting is on April 25 at Royal Scot.
The Region1C euchre tournament for Lansing area retirees will be on April 30 at Local 602, starting at 9:00 a.m. Arrive at 8:45. You do not need a partner to play.
Any 1618 retirees who have not been to Black Lake, see Chairman Dunn for information. Get on the list, this is educational and you’ll remember it always.
Lois Dyer is proud to have a new great-granddaughter named Nora—a pretty name for a pretty little girl.
Local 1618 retirees northern casino trip will be March 24-25. Call Connie Dunn at 517-323-2146. This is a quickie.
There will be a Region 1C trip to Cape Cod October 5-11.
Till we meet again, keep smiling.

January 2013

Hi out there, all you wonderful people! What about this winter?! We got 22 inches at Narrow Lake. Cold? Yes, it’s cold all right! We haven’t had a winter like this in forever. Michigan, what can I say? Though it’s cold down south, too.
I canceled my appointments, as it’s too cold to go out for this old gal.
On February 12 we will have our soup luncheon. That’s the second Wednesday of the month.
Associate dues are due now. If no associate dues are paid, they have to pay regular price on the trips and things we go on. This is only fair, as we all work hard to keep our retirees afloat.
People who’ve recently had or will have birthdays: Richard Zelenka, Connie Gauss, Dick Torguson, Joe Sagy, Dianna Sagy, Margret Mathews, Ted Gauss (March), Jerry Hunt.
Anniversary: 50 years for Richard and Diann Zelenka.
Don’t forget our meetings. We would like to see more of you. I am so happy to be home. I do have to be careful not to fall.
Till we meet again, keep smiling!

December 2013

Hi out there, all you wonderful people! It’s been a while, but I am back. Also, the column is online at the Labor News website when it isn’t mailed. []
Condolences to the family of Robert Arntz. He was Local 1618 President at one time.
Condolences to the family of Anthony (Tony) Gauss, son of Ted and Connie Gauss. He was 50 years old, and a wonderful man.
Condolences to the family of James R. (J.R.) Riggle. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy. He worked at GM for 38 years and was a pipefitter.
At our Halloween lunch Lois Dyer was the only one dressed up—as the Trashy, Tacky Old Lady. First place, Lois!
Glenn Crain from the Medical Benefit Trust talked. I hope he helped folks understand it better. It started in 2007 independent of autoworkers’ settlement agreement.
We have bags with 1618 on for people to take home and bring back the next month filled with food. Then someone else can take it home.
Our trip on the Michigan Princess went well, but might be the last, as we only had 17 people.
The Tigers game was a very good time. We will have another one for
The pancake breakfast was great. The bake sale will be back, as people asked for it. We would like to sell tickets beforehand, so give us a heads-up. Or call Ted Gauss at 517-321-4754.
Happy birthday to Noland Douglas, Tom Walker, Dick Kline, Barb Kline, Harry Henderson (89), Sue Torguson, Bruce Anthony, Hanna Fox, Diana Zalinka, Mariann Anthony, Jessica
Anthony, Jim Anthony, Michael
Tousley, Dan Schultz, Linda Burns, Tom Suton.
When they say Medicare and BC/BS won’t work, thank the Lord for it. The money it would have cost me was unreal. I know they take out of our Social Security every month, but still, think about it.
Hopefully Connie Dunn is working on some trips. She needs ideas, so help her out, 517-323-2146.
We could use more retirees to check in at the Local 1753 hall on the second Wednesday of the month and join us. We do have lots of fun!
Mark Schauer dropped in on November 13 to let us know he running for Governor. He had a wonderful turkey lunch. Stop in anytime, Mark.
The veterans’ memorial went well, but cold. John Taschner and roland Gaytan brought flyers. They have a Veterans Special. Check it out.
Jean and Arlie Caudill made it up with hats and mittens for the Mission. So good to see them!
Associate dues next month ($24).
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May we all have a wonderful year. God bless each and every one.
Till we meet again, keep smiling.

October 2013

Hi out there all you wonderful people!
Yay, I am home and it feels wonderful! I have 24-hour care and most of the time am in a wheelchair, as I can put no weight on my right leg.
The next time someone says Democrats spend too much tell them this:
Debt increase by presidents (based on figures from the Congressional Budget Office):
Reagan – 189%
Bush I – 55%
Clinton – 37%
Bush II – 86%
Obama – 35%
On November 13 we will have the veterans memorial service at Chapel Hill at 10:00 a.m. After it we will have the Thanksgiving lunch and 25-cent auction.
We have seven charities we give to at Christmas time: veterans, honor guards, food bank, nursing home, rescue mission, VFW Home, backpacks.
Remember, we also give food and clothes to the mission.
Our breakfast this year was okay, but not as good as usual. So they voted to put the bake sale back in, as people were upset there wasn’t any. So if I can stay well, we will have it next year.
There will be a trip on the Michigan Princess, but it will be the last because we didn’t have many wanting to go.
Happy birthday to Barb Kline, Harry Henderson (89), and Sue Torguson.
Condolences to the family of Robert Arntz, who was our Local 1618 President when we had a hall on Lansing Road.
Till we meet again, keep smiling.

September 2013
Hi out there, all you wonderful people. Things are looking up—home in 14 days as of today. Where did the summer go? I missed it all, when you think about it. The nurses and aides and all take good care of me.
Thursday evening they have folks in that play all kinds of music. They are good and it makes a nice evening.
Time to go to therapy soon. I only toe touch or hope, no body weight on the foot.
Things to remember:
October 9, meeting and potluck. Eat at noon. Halloween we do dress up.
The Tigers won, which was good. A lot of people there.
October 20 to 26, the trip to Branson. Lots to do that week, should be lots of fun. Call Connie Dunn on trips or if you have an idea: 517-323-2146.
I can’t believe I miss the retirees so much. Let me know how you are and who is and who isn’t.
Home for me: October 2.
Before the luncheon at 11:00 a.m., Colleen Allen from the trust will be at the hall. Should be interesting.
Happy birthday to: Tom Walker, October 19; Dick Kline, October 29. Best to you.
Jack and Lois Calahn have their anniversary in November.
How about Assina DeCorte. Had been in the hospital and is doing much better.
Remember, folks, we have lots happening with the retirees and would like to see you!
Life is good when you’re having fun. So keep smiling, till we meet again.
Call me at 517-543-5385 or text me at 517-282-2292. Or write me at 3009 Luella Ln, Springport, MI 49284.Luella Ln, Springport, MI 49284

Summer 2013

Hello out there all you wonderful people! Well, here I am again, back where I was eight weeks ago. Back at the Healing and Recovery Center.
I put my back out on the 16th of June by just bending over. They had to fill my L4 lumbar with cement, then four weeks of therapy. Went home on the 2nd of August. Then back in ER at Sparrow on the 3rd of August. So back getting therapy again.
I hope I can get a lot stronger, but when a person’s bones are soft and don’t want to work for you, what can you do? I have two plates, 4x5 inches, and six screws in my right knee. (On top of everything, I lost my voice!)
I wasn’t at the picnic on August 12, and the really sad thing is I won’t be at the Tigers game. But go, Tigers, go!
Things to Remember
September 11 – retirees meeting and luncheon
Sept. 17 – Tigers game
Sept. 21 – Pancake breakfast and bake sale. We need lots of volunteers for this one. This is how we make a little extra money so we can do things.
October 20-26 – the trip to Bronson, if you have already signed up.
Best wishes to Judy and Jerry Hunt on the birth of their grandson, 10 lbs 8 oz! The proud dad and mom are Jeff and Renee.
Happy anniversary: Jerry and Judy Hunt, 58 years; Ted and Connie Gauss, 50 years; Dick and Dorothy Gygar, 35 years.
Happy birthday: Anessa DeCorte, Leo Gray, Lois Dyer, Claude Harris, and Bud Miller.
The Mission is in need of food, clothing, and bedding. Judy Hunt sees that donations are taken to the Mission.
If you need to get hold of Chairman Curtis Dunn, call (517) 323-2146.
I have made lots of friends here at the rehab center. They are wonderful people and have taken very good care of me. It’s all good (except the food, which is hospital food).
Til we meet again, keep smiling. My address is: Lois Schultz, 3009 Luella Ln, Springport, MI 49284

May 2013
Hello out there all you wonderful people!
Number one on our list is Ted Gauss’ breakfast, held at Guerrazzi’s Restaurant, 15643 South US 27, Lansing Township, 48906. It starts at 9:00 a.m. on June 4. Call Ted at (517) 321-4754.
Proposed calendar of events
May 8 – Euchre tournament at Local 602
May 8 – Retirees luncheon
May 10 – Lunch at Old World Buffet, 11:30 a.m.
June 4 – Ted’s breakfast at Guerrazzi’s
June 13 – Cook-out luncheon
July 10 – Luncheon with “no-bake bake sale”
August 12 – Area-wide retirees picnic at Hawk Island County Park, noon
September 11 – Luncheon
September 17 – Tigers night game
September 21 – Pancake breakfast and bake sale
October 9 – Halloween luncheon
October 15 – Michigan Princess color tour
November 13 – Veterans’ memorial and Thanksgiving luncheon with holiday auction
December 11 – Christmas luncheon
Please mark your calendars and join us. You’ll be happy you did.
Call Connie Dunn about our trips at (517) 323-2146.
On our sick list: Jerry Rayman; Gary Sunken and wife are working at getting better.
To the families of James Greer, Critt Lowery, Rick Rendon, Norma Hunt (84), Joe Finkbeiner, and Jack Whitney (79), Jenny Henderson (84), Bruce Jameson.: you’re all in our prayers.
Michigan Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood (D-Taylor) has introduced SB 95 and 96, two bills that would repeal Right-to-Work for private and public workers respectively. The Right-to-Work bills were rammed through the legislature during last year’s lame duck session without public hearings, while thousands of union activists were locked out of the State Capitol. The bill went into effect on March 27, but will not affect existing contracts until they expire.
Happy birthday to Ardie Douglas, Ted Gauss, Jerry Hunt, Dick Torguson, Jill Raffler. In April. Canda Anthony, Dick Slocum, Connie Dunn. May. Jack Calahan, Doris William, Betty Varney, and Lois Schultz.
Joe Sagy is a precinct delegate in DeWitt.
Anniversary: Roy and Helen Spencer, 70 years.
Hoping things will be looking up, but you wonder with people thinking older people are rich. Ha ha. We have all worked hard to make a better place to live in our golden years. So the Governor and Republicans can take it. But as retirees, we will make it, we always do. When you’ve lived this long, it’s “been there, done that.” We fight to the end.
Till we meet again, keep smiling. My address is: Lois Schultz, 3009 Luella Ln, Springport, MI 49284. My phone is 517-543-5385.

March 2013

Hello out there all you wonderful people!

Well, you know what they say: beware of what you wish for, hoping the gas will go down. Like I don’t think so, with them wanting to put more tax on gas. How much more can they take away from the older folks and middle class and young? It doesn’t seem right to me. The people that make the laws don’t have to worry, they get their paycheck.

The retirees are holding their own. We do a lot and have lots of fun.

White Shirt Day had a packed house. A man from Local 602 won the car. He was from Tennessee but went back.

Condolences to Jenny Henderson’s family. She will be missed by all the retirees and her husband Harry, who was a painter in the shop. Jenny was 84 years young.

Condolences: Bruce Jameson; Crit Lawey, 62, had 38 years; James Greer; Rich Rendon; and John Whitney.

On our sick list: Jerry Raymond and Lois Dyer—both have been in the hospital.

Happy birthday to: Ardie Douglas, Ted Gauss, Jerry Hunt, Dick Torguson, and Jill Raffler.

Now on March 5 (Tuesday), Ted’s breakfast will be at Guerrazzi’s Restaurant, 15643 South US 27, Lansing Township, MI 48906. It starts at 9:00 a.m.

Our new calendar will be out next month. I always put mine on the refrigerator so I know what’s up.

I have to give our retirees lots of thanks that still care about our people. They come the second Wednesday of the month. The food is the best. So come join us. If you are an associate member, you can join the retirees.

As a retiree, if you’d like to go to Black Lake, let Chairman Dunn know. This is usually the end of May. That’s IF you haven’t already gone as a retiree. Curtis Dunn’s phone number is 517-323-2146.

We still have room on the casino trip March 26 & 27. Call Connie Dunn at 517-323-2146.

To all on our sick list, God bless. If I missed someone, let me know and I will get it next time.

Till we meet again, keep smiling.

January 2013

Hello out there all you wonderful people! Mark your calendars for March 5 and June 4. These are the dates for Ted Gauss’s breakfast at Guerrazzi’s Restaurant. The address is 15643 South US 27,  Lansing Township, MI 48906 and the gathering starts at 9:00 a.m. Ted’s number is 517-321-4754.
There’s lots going on for us. The yearly calendar will be out next month. We have a casino trip March 26-27, an overnighter that hits Petoskey, Traverse City, Turtle Creek, and Little River. With a first stop in Mount Pleasant. Call Connie Dunn at 517-323-2146.
On our sick list
Dick Slocum with a hip replacement
Lois Dyer fell and broke her hip.
Don Marrow under the weather
Fred Kohagen having tests
Gordie Browerman’s wife having tests
Get well soon, everybody!
Condolences to the families of: Douglas Duffy; Kenneth Warner, 90, leaves his wife Lois; Robert (Red) Varney, 80, leaves his wife Betty.
Birthdays: Lois Calahan, November 24. Happy belated! Calvin Smith, age 80 on January 5. Bud Miller, the big 65. Curtis Dunn, holding. Happy birthday to all!
Happy anniversary to Ted and Connie Gauss.
White Shirt Day is February 11 at the Local 599 Hall in Flint. Wear a white shirt in honor of  the sit-downers.
As you well know, the “right-to-work” got  railroaded in. Like I’ve said before, you ain’t  seen nothing yet. You may have a good job today, but how sad to have to live with not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Right to work for less and less and less.
Are you supporting the Republican Party’s Super PACs and don’t even know it? Have you heard of the Koch brothers? Koch Industries products include: Angel Soft toilet paper, Brawny paper towels, Dixie plates, bowls, napkins & cups, Mardi Gras napkins and towels, Quilted Northern toilet paper, Soft ‘n Gentle toilet paper, Sparkle napkins, Vanity fair napkins, Zee napkins
Georgia-Pacific paper products & envelopes, All Georgia-Pacific lumber & building products, (INVISTA Products), Lycra, Stainmaster Carpet
Let’s just hope this will be a better year  for us all. It sure didn’t start out that way …
You can call me at 517-543-5385. I like hearing from you folks.

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