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Lansing Labor News
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September 19, 2018
Local 602 Retiree Chair Marta Bobillo
Updated On: Mar 29, 2018

602 retirees

Greetings my brothers and sisters. Happy and prosperous New Year. Let’s all make 2018 our best year yet that we have lived. 2017 was definitely a tough year. I have attended more funeral services than I have my whole life. I have paid my respects to the retirees, my friends and family members. After attending so many, I have thought a lot about life and the “dash” between the two numbers and the year’s span of our lives. Life is very precious so we need to do all we can to make a difference.  A difference in our community, unions, homes and the world around us.
If I may ask, can we all please make a commitment for some way, to make a change or make an impact on something around us? Even if you’re just sharing a smile with a stranger, because that can go a long way. As union members, we need to get to our grass roots of mobilizing and organizing.
This year is going to be critical midterm elections. We will be electing a new Governor and also House of Representative members. These days, our atmosphere is very divided and negative in our Nation. Let’s stick together as union sisters and brothers and work very hard for the candidates who support us. We will be needing help with phone banking and many other capacities. If you can volunteer any of your time please let me know. Keep in mind that the last gubernatorial election we got our pensions taxed. This can easily can be turned around, if we get the right people on the job. We need representation for the working family agenda.
Let us not forget, we all didn’t come here on the same ship, but we are in the same boat now.
We will be meeting the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at noon. Please bring a dish to pass if possible. The meeting will begin at 1pm, with bingo afterwards.

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