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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
January 23, 2019
UAW Local 1753

President Yvonne Vincent
Dec 19, 2018

December 2018

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I hope the holidays find you all well. I would like to thank everyone who took advantage of their right to vote in the Midterm election. We now have some union friendly/ aware candidates in office. Our National Contract Resolutions were Due December 4th. The Ones our Local voted to submit are on their way to the International Union. Contract negotiations are not easy. GM never just gives you anything " out of the goodness of their heart" or because " it's the right thing to do".  Please hear me when I say "This will be a hard one."  Not that there ever was an easy one, but with plants continuing to get work outside of America, we have to continue to do a good job at work and be smart about future things. I would also like to say thank you to the union brothers and sisters that helped us get every benefit we have now. When we look out for each other we are a stronger union.
If you want to show your union pride, t-shirts are now available for pre-order. Images can be found at the union hall or on the union communication boards. Please turn in the form to the union hall or the wooden box leading up to the union offices with money in an enclosed envelope. Also make your way to the communication board if you have served in a military branch of service. We are trying to update our name plagues to honor your service but need you to fill out the list on the board. Thank you to the Toys for Tots Marines for helping to collect and the Members for their generosity. The Old news
Boys also appreciated everything you were able to give. Have a Happy Holiday and Please look out for one another. There is strength in Solidarity.

Retiree Chair Laura Clark
Dec 19, 2018

December 2018

Hope you enjoyed the fall that flew by.  Did you get to go to the last September, October, and November meetings?  Great lunch, whether having old favorites like Mancino’s or our new favorite, Swedes.  We had asked Swedes for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and fixings.  Not only did we get turkey but ham also!  We had a fabulous dinner and great pies from the Grand Traverse Pie Company.  We also did a little business.  We presented the Region 1D trip, Mystic, Foxwoods and the Newport Mansions.  Having been on one of the Region 1D trips, I can tell you that they are a lot of fun.  This one is from May 4-9, 2019.  If interested, call Connie Garner-Dunn at 517/323-2146.
The Lansing Labor News comes out 4 times a year so we wanted to address everyone and not leave anyone out. This is hard to do as some are off the grid and others just forget to update their addresses with Nancy who can be reached at 517/484-7408 for updates. Leave your information on the answering machine and Nancy will either get back with you or make the change of address or add it to the LLN distribution if you leave it for her.  
The Veterans Chili Cook-Off was this year’s annual fund raiser held at Local 652 and supported by all including our own Local 1753 Secretary, Mandy.  It was once again funded through the Veteran’s Committee.  There were so many cooks in the contest.  Some people upped their game this year.  Mandy was still able to take 4th place without a side dish.  It was so nice seeing our folks out and about at the Chili Cook Off, phone banking or walking in contested districts.  Good Job getting out there.
    President Vincent came to one of our meetings and reminded us to use the UAW GM Legal Services: 1-800-482-7700.  She said they were told that it is an underutilized service. Now that it is back please make those wills, check those contracts and make sure of the fine print.  If you don’t know, ask the lawyer who does.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you from the Retiree Executive Board and myself. 


About Local 1753
Nov 10, 2015

UAW Local 1753 is an amalgamated local representing just under 200 employees at General Motors Customer Care Aftermarket in Lansing, Michigan and Drayton Group at GMCCA in Lansing.  We represent about 730 retirees.  We were chartered in 1971, and purchased our hall in 1978.  Our Retiree Chapter was chartered in 2003.   We are located at 3204 W. St. Joseph in Lansing, Michigan, 48917. 


The Executive Board is as follows:

President                      Hollis Barker

Vice President              Yvonne Vincent

Recording Secretary     Terri Reyes

Financial Secretary       Nancy Munchbach
Trustee                         Bob Davis

Trustee                         Chuck Jones

Trustee                         Steven Worthy

Sergeant at Arms          Zach Coburn                    

Shop Chairman            Arniece Stephenson

Retiree Chair               Laura Clark


Important numbers:

Union Hall                    517-487-1753

Union Hall Fax             517-487-2515

President’s Office         517-885-6977

Chairman’s Office        517-885-6934

Benefit’s Office            517-885-6534

Work Center               517-885-6533

Work Center Fax        517-885-6995


Retirees Executive Board:

Chairperson                  Laura Clark

Vice Chairperson          Dennis Slowinski

Recording Secretary     Jerry Kadera

Financial Secretary       Nancy Munchbach

Guide                           Sharon Knopf

Sergeant at Arms         Greg Hutchinson

Local 1753 Obituaries
Dec 19, 2018

Archived Articles
Jun 05, 2017
It’s been great -- Al Vincent, May, 2011 I always wondered what it would be like to write my last article for the Lansing Labor News, and now the time has come. Lets go back to the late 90’s. The membership knew that there had to be a new direction for this local and they made some tough choices.
Download: Local 1753 Nominations and Elections April 2011.pdf

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