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Established 1945
November 14, 2018
UAW Local 1753

President Yvonne Vincent
Sep 21, 2018

September 2018

Hello Union Brothers and Sisters. Summer has come to an end and I would like to thank those that helped with getting back pack supplies. The 8th Annual Community-Wide Back to school Rally and Resource fair held at UAW Local 602 appreciates the support. We sent 6 people to Summer/Fall school at Black Lake and are enjoying the positive/ educational energy they are bringing back to the shop. If you are interested in the T-shirts, they are in the final design phase by the women's committee, no set date on when they will be ready to order. We have a "build a terrarium" event happening at the Union Hall on October 13th. I encourage anyone interested to come and bring a friend/ family member(s). It is $15 to create one. To our new members, we traditionally have a weenie roast on Halloween. Make sure you are looking at the Union Information boards for time and place.

    November 6th Americans have the right to vote in the midterm elections. These elections are important. Please exercise your right to vote. In this paper there is a slate of people the UAW is backing based on their stance for Unions and Labor friendliness. Please consider these candidates. 

    In the Plant we currently have a vacancy for the 2nd Shift Alt. Committee person. 

We are accepting nominations for this on October 9th and 16th 12:30 pm to 3:00pm at the UAW Local 1753 Union Hall.

Pending membership approval at the meting, the voting date is October 30th at the Union Hall from 11am to noon. In the Plant voting will take place from 12:30pm to 3pm and again at 8:45pm to 9:45pm. Please check the Union Information boards for these postings.

    Together we are stronger. Wednesdays are red shirt days. Please wear a red shirt to show your unity.

Retiree Chair Laura Clark
Sep 21, 2018

September 2018

Hope your summer was safe and happy: we enjoyed ours here at the Local Hall. We have the Executive Board, Mary Gatner, Mike Sealy, Al Vincent, Mary Brown and our many volunteers to thank, whether you worked on the hall clean-up day or helped arrange the back log of photos into scrapbooks. We think all help is good help so plug in where you can. If I failed to list your name I am sorry and open to corrections. We had a great day for the summer picnic. We got the grill out and cooked up a storm of hot dogs and hamburgers, and of course side dishes. We may have added a few pounds with the wonderful samplings of desserts offered up during our annual dessert contest. Thank you to all that entered and special thanks to the winners. You all made us happy and full.

We were able to return to Black Lake again for the Retirees conference, one of my favorite places on earth, it could be your favorite next year. Mary Brown, Iona Jackson and myself enjoyed it this year. They did not need to miss a work out either, since there is a great new work out room, with all the necessary equipment in the full-size gym. You can play basketball, volleyball or pickle ball. I don't know what that is, if you know you can teach me. There is an Olympic size pool and sauna. Don't forget the 1000-acre compound. We have outside volleyball, bikes to rent, plus the whole lake. You can bring your own boat. We had great speakers, including James A. Surrell, MD author of SOS Stop Only Sugar. Rules from his book -1 Low Sugar, 2 High Fiber, 3 No more rules. Great talk with a guy who loves Michigan. Some of our speakers reminded us to vote in upcoming elections. Vote with your wallet not your heart, was the view from our Reg 1-D Retirees chairman Jessie Collins, I agree. I say, don't lose your vote on just one issue. Remember WHO taxed YOUR pension? WHO wants to take away YOUR Social Securities though you paid enough into it? Who wants to take away YOUR Medicare though you deserve it? So many speakers, such a good time. 

Not sure if you heard the sad news our friend and financial secretary Nancy Munchbach suffered the loss of her only son. Nick, not only a friend of mine, but a past employee at the warehouse. He was summer help and made a lot of friends. He will be mourned by family and friends. Thanks for all the love. We all enjoyed the Reg.1-D Lansing Area Retired Workers Council Annual Luncheon. I really liked not doing the shopping, like we do for our luncheons. We may try to do that at our hall, fingers crossed. Great prizes were given out, many from our UAW vendors, some locals and of course Reg. 1-D Thank you to them and congratulations to all winners especially 1753 winners! It was good to see new people and some folks who had been before and liked it enough to return, maybe they won previously or just liked lunch with friends. If you would like lunch with old friends our next meeting is September 13th coffee at 11:00, 12:00 lunch, 1:00 is the meeting, you can bring a dish to pass. Bring your spouse, a friend, or yourself. Hope to see you soon.

About Local 1753
Nov 10, 2015

UAW Local 1753 is an amalgamated local representing just under 200 employees at General Motors Customer Care Aftermarket in Lansing, Michigan and Drayton Group at GMCCA in Lansing.  We represent about 730 retirees.  We were chartered in 1971, and purchased our hall in 1978.  Our Retiree Chapter was chartered in 2003.   We are located at 3204 W. St. Joseph in Lansing, Michigan, 48917. 


The Executive Board is as follows:

President                      Hollis Barker

Vice President              Yvonne Vincent

Recording Secretary     Terri Reyes

Financial Secretary       Nancy Munchbach
Trustee                         Bob Davis

Trustee                         Chuck Jones

Trustee                         Steven Worthy

Sergeant at Arms          Zach Coburn                    

Shop Chairman            Arniece Stephenson

Retiree Chair               Laura Clark


Important numbers:

Union Hall                    517-487-1753

Union Hall Fax             517-487-2515

President’s Office         517-885-6977

Chairman’s Office        517-885-6934

Benefit’s Office            517-885-6534

Work Center               517-885-6533

Work Center Fax        517-885-6995


Retirees Executive Board:

Chairperson                  Laura Clark

Vice Chairperson          Dennis Slowinski

Recording Secretary     Jerry Kadera

Financial Secretary       Nancy Munchbach

Guide                           Sharon Knopf

Sergeant at Arms         Greg Hutchinson

Local 1753 Obituaries
Sep 21, 2018

September 2018

Keith Carpenter
Duane Cook
 Jimmie Lee Stone
Harry( Butch)  Snell

Archived Articles
Jun 05, 2017
It’s been great -- Al Vincent, May, 2011 I always wondered what it would be like to write my last article for the Lansing Labor News, and now the time has come. Lets go back to the late 90’s. The membership knew that there had to be a new direction for this local and they made some tough choices.
Download: Local 1753 Nominations and Elections April 2011.pdf

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