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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
August 18, 2017
President Bill Reed
Updated On: Jun 05, 2017

Thanks to those who step up

Most of the Lansing area Locals have held their general elections and I want to take a moment to recognize
everyone who chose to run for an elected position. Deciding to make the commitment required to hold an elected position in your union is no small decision. Those who have held these positions can attest to the higher level of personal stress and the sacrifice of time spent with family and friends. I commend those who held prior elected positions and those who are newly elected.
Here at UAW Local 602, I look forward to working with the new and returning members of our executive board. We have a great membership when it comes to our commitment to be involved, and I’m not just talking about those who are elected. I have always said “you don’t have to hold an elected position to make a difference in your union” and that rings true considering the many volunteers that step up to serve our fellow sisters and brothers of UAW Local 602. 
Throughout any of the functions, events and community outreach opportunities, you will see the wheel proudly displayed by UAW members. It’s a great organization to belong to.
The UAW is a family. What is a union family? No matter where you’re from, regardless of your opinion, regardless of your beliefs, we stand with one another! We stand with one another for justice, we stand with one another for equality, we stand with one another for civil and human rights, we stand with one another for a better future, because this is what Solidarity looks like!
This is what makes us the best of the best. When we strive to be inclusive, we become a diverse family with many backgrounds, talents, experiences, ideas and goals.
Remember, united we stand, divided we beg. We are each a piece of the puzzle that completes the picture of a UAW family. Working together we can be unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with. And let’s not forget how beautiful a picture we make when all those pieces come together.

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