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April 19, 2024
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CAP Endorsement Request

Capital Area UAW CAP Council Candidate

Request Endorsement Application - 2024

The Capital Area UAW CAP Council is now accepting applications for 2024 endorsements. All candidates seeking endorsement of the Capital Area UAW CAP Council must complete and submit the form below. No written or phone requests will be accepted.

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*First name:         *Last name:

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*Elected Office you are seeking:

Please answer the following questions, if necessary use the space provided for additional comments.

1. Voice @ Work – The freedom to choose a union.
Workers in Region 1-D are organizing at a steady pace to improve their wages, benefits, and working conditions.  Yet, in workplace after workplace, employers routinely block workers’ freedom to choose a union by intimidation, one-on-one meetings and other union-busting tactics. Workers today need the support of their community more that ever in order to overcome these tactics and be free to make an appropriate decision. If elected, would you take a public position on behalf of working people that asserts:

A. Employers should give employees a free choice without pressure or intimidation about whether or not to join a union; by supporting Employee Free Choice Act Legislation?   

B. Union organizers should have the same access as the company to employees prior to representation election? 

C. If asked, would you be willing to walk a picket line, speak at a rally, write a letter, or in other ways support the efforts of an organizing drive or another type of labor dispute?  

Additional comments if needed:

2.  Electability

It behooves organized labor to support not only candidates who are labor friendly but who have a reasonable chance at getting elected.

Please explain what moved you to run for this office and give a brief description of your campaign plan (include other means of organizational support and financial plan).

3.  Privatization

In order to cut costs, state and local governments sometimes privatize by contracting out good union jobs to low-paying non-union employers.  What they are left with is a bottom line that momentarily looks good on paper at the expense of loyal employees and good paying positions that provide benefits and favorable working conditions.If elected, would you consider privatizing or contracting out any government services?


If YES, state an example that might lead you to that decision.

4.  City, County or School Board Budget

If applicable, what are the immediate and long term steps you would like to take to balance your governmental body’s budget?

5. Charter Schools

What is your position on charter schools and on lifting the cap on the number of charter schools chartered by universities?

6. Have you received the UAW or AFL-CIO Endorsements in the past?  

7. What other endoresements have you received for this election?

Enter the text shown in the image above.


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